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When is the Best Time for a Horse-Riding Trip in Mongolia ?
Posted by Selena Travel / Jan 25, 2021

Horse riding is an integral part of Mongolia culture. Images of nomads corralling their herds over the open areas of the country abound. Those seeking Mongolia travel advice might not know that it’s relatively easy to get a hold of some horses and do a multi-day horse riding trip. It’s also possible just to do a trip for a couple hours, but that’s for a different article. Here are some Mongolia Travel Tips for the best time to do a horse-riding trip.

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Top Instagram Spots In Ulaanbaatar
Posted by Selena Travel / Nov 23, 2020

When you first arrive into Ulaanbaatar, the incredible open spaces around the airport already provide a spot for epic pictures. However, throughout Ulaanbaatar (UB), there are several places where you can make your friends jealous about your travels. These spots all feature either beautiful nature, hip interior design, or amazing local art.

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Mongolian Traditional Music
Posted by Selena Travel / Oct 20, 2020

Mongolia has a rich culture, and one of the most well-known aspects is its music. With interesting instruments and mesmerizing vocal techniques, Mongolians over the centuries have developed a unique sound to express their lives on the steppe. There are many elements to learn about, however, we’ll just give you a primer on what the basics are. If you decide to visit Mongolia, you should definitely take the opportunity to hear a live musical performance; it’s definitely worth the flight to get in!

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FAQ: The Differences between Mongolia and Inner Mongolia
Posted by Selena Travel / Sep 04, 2020

China is trying to replace the Mongolian language with Mandarin in Inner Mongolia, resulting in school boycotts. There are many questions about Inner Mongolia and Mongolia. Here are some of the most common asked questions and answers for them.

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How to See Przewalski’s Wild Horse
Posted by Selena Travel / Aug 19, 2020

There were once dozens of species of wild horses that lived on Earth. One remains, and you can find it most easily in Mongolia. It’s called the takhi, or Przewalski’s Horse. It’s named after a Polish/Russian scientist who discovered it for Western Science. Many wild horses, like mustangs, were simply domesticated horses that ran away. The takhi have never been domesticated, and managed to survive in the steppes of Central Asia.

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Top 10 Reasons to take a Trans-Siberian Railway tour
Posted by Selena Travel / Aug 07, 2020

The Trans-Siberian Railway is a world-famous train route. The railroad is an impressive piece of engineering that was well-known even as it was being built. It can take you from the capital of Russia, Moscow, to the Eastern end of Russia, Vladivostok. What some people don’t know is that the train line extends through Mongolia and also terminates in Beijing. If you’re interested in taking the memorable trip, here are 10 reasons why you should plan for it this year!

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Dog’s role in Mongolian countryside
Posted by Selena Travel / Jul 22, 2020

Man’s best friend and a loyal partner, a dog is more than just a pet in Mongolia. As we’ve mentioned in the previous articles, Mongolians live in the vast land compared to the number of the residents. Since the traditional lifestyle is a nomadic one, often families would be scattered throughout the land, residing with two or three families at the most. In this situation, where the families live so close to nature with all its dangers as well as the benefits, an animal instinct was necessary for them.

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Mongolian Traditional Clothing
Posted by Selena Travel / Jul 08, 2020

Many cultures around the world have traditional clothes – from lederhosen in Bavaria to the kimono in Japan. Mongolia is no different. Their traditional clothes are called a deel. It’s pronounced “dell” like the-farmer-in-the, but it doesn’t mean a clearing.

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8 Historical Facts About the Historic Capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar
Posted by Selena Travel / Jun 17, 2020

If you visit Mongolia, you’ll most likely pass through the capital, Ulaanbaatar. This city of around 1.5 million was founded in 1639 CE. Since then, the city has hosted many historic events – from the declaration of independence to historic tsam dance celebrations. Here is a list of 8 historic facts about Ulaanbaatar.

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What Language Do They Speak in Mongolia?
Posted by Selena Travel / Jun 05, 2020

For many people in the Western world, Mongolia is a faraway destination. They may know about Genghis Khan, but not much else. After centuries of Chinese rule, one common misconception is that Mongolian speak Chinese. While some surely do, in Mongolia, they speak Mongolian. It is an ancient and interesting language, full of cool ways to express ideas. It has undergone a few changes since it was spoken by Genghis Khan.

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