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Travel Experts:

Mr. Batbold

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Founder Selena Travel Group, Consultant of Selena Travel Group

(English & Russian)

Mr. Batbold founded Selena Co. Ltd in 1993 in the field of Nature conservation. Since 1998 the company has expanded its activities into tourism & accommodation field and now the Group consists of 4 daughter companies. Mr. Batbold earned his PhD in the science of biology, has been working in this field for over 25 years. As a keen nature lover and avid traveller he concerns about the wildlife of Mongolia and initiates and implements projects of sustainable tourism and environment conservation. As Mr. Batbold has a great experience on doing researches and travelling all over the country, he knows every corner of Mongolian territory he shares his great knowledge of hidden fishing ponds and pristine places for remote adventures. He also loves photography and our website has been decorated with some of his great photos.

Mrs. Terelj

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CEO of Selena Travel Group

(English & Chinese Mandarin)

Since very young age, Terelj loved being outdoor and close to the nature. After completing her B.A and M.A`s in Business Adminstration, she decided to follow her childhood dream, and pursued master`s degree in Environmental Management in the United States as a Fulbright Fellow. During her time in the Western hemisphere, she seeked and envisioned different ways to combine her passion toward the nature, travelling (of course) and running a successful business- Selena was the perfect fit for her goals and dreams. Before joining Selena, she had worked in fields such as Environmental consulting, International Trade and Human Resources Management. Terelj is a huge pet-lover and has two rescue dogs, Kuma and Namar. She dedicates her free time for rescuing stray cats and dogs, and finding forever loving homes for them.

Mr. Javkhlantugs

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Travel Consultant of Selena Travel LLC


Joe is a young and promising individual graduated from Mongolia International University majoring in International Business Management in 2012. He joined Selena Travel group in 2008 as a tour guide and since then has become one of our most skilled and experienced tour guides. Joe has recently been promoted as a travel consultant and now is in charge of customizing our customized and adventure tours. In his free time, he likes reading, traveling and playing basketball

Ms. Munkhdul

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Travel Consultant of Selena Travel LLC


One of the young consultants of the team is Dulu. She always looking for opportunities to go somewhere new and experience different styles of travel. Travel and study of the English language have always been her passions, and since 2017, she’s combined these interests as a travel consultant with Selena Travel Group. Dulu enjoys working with travelers because it gives her the opportunity to share her Mongolian travel experiences and knowledge of her country. We are sure she will do her best to make your trip pleasant and memorable.

Mrs. Baigalmaa Ch

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Operations Manager, Selena Travel Mongolia LLC

(English & Russian)

Baigal is a young and energetic lady graduated from Ikh Zasag University majoring in Tourism Management in 2009. She joined us as a logistics & office manager in 2009 and later promoted as the operations manager in summer 2010 and proved herself to be a promising manager. Baigal loves her job and with her tireless coordinating she works hard to make sure that all tours run smoothly and perfectly. Baigal also makes sure that Selena Travel office is a favourable working environment for the staffs and visitors. During her free time she loves reading, volunteering at orphanages and loves fishing whenever she gets a chance.

Mrs. Khongorzul

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Reservation Manager, Selena Travel LLC


Mrs. Khongorzul has been working in Selena travel since March 2018, in which she proved herself to be efficient staff during high season. Since her graduation from MUST/Mongolian University of Science and Technology/ as Tourism management, Business administration in 2014, she has been working in tourism industry. Now Khongoroo handles reservations of tour accommodation, restaurant, driver, guide and many more. She works hard to match the expectation and the reality, ensuring that your experience in Mongolia with us is unforgettably beautiful. Khongoroo loves to stay nature and exploring new things.

The Guide Team:

Guide Sainaa
The Best of 2012

Guide Oogii
The Best of 2011

Guide Joe
The Best of 2010

Guide Shinee
Best of 2018

Guide Chinguun
The Best of 2015

Guide Oyu

Guide Odka

Guide Sainzaya

Guide Shinetulga
The Best of 2019

Our experienced and best guides: 

  • Shinetulga (Best Tour guide of 2019),
  • Shinetsetseg (Best Tour guide of 2018),
  • Batdorj (Best Tour guide of 2017),
  • Chinguun (Best Tour guide of 2015),
  • Tungaa (Best Tour guide of 2013),
  • Sainaa (Best Tour Guide 2012),
  • Oogii (Best Tour Guide 2011),
  • Joe (Best Tour Guide 2010),
  • Otgoo (Best Tour Guide 2009),
  • Eegii - the Charming (Best Tour Guide 2008),
  • Muugii - the Naughty (Best Tour Guide 2007),
  • Naraa - the Neat (Best Tour Guide 2006), and Nara - the Wise.

Our experienced guides: Chimgee(f), Chinguun(m), Shinetsetseg(f), Shine-tulga(f), Battsengel(f), Ganaa(f), Boroldoi(m), Sainzaya(f), Odka(f), Oyu(f), Tsagaanaa (f) and many more.


We employ the friendliest and outgoing tour guides, whose aim is to ensure that each trip remains an unforgettable experience. Creating colorful, fun, discovery-oriented tours in a combination of safety and comfort is the mission of our guides.


We do our best to accommodate all of our clients' language preferences, providing by guides fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian and French.


Our guides are all very knowledgeable in Mongolian history, geography and culture and all guides have earned the tour guide's certificate from Mongolian Tourism Board.

Drivers & Cooks:

Driver Baaska
The Best of 2017

Driver Dembee
The Best of 2008

Driver Jadambaa
The Best of 2016

The Best of 2019

The best of 2016

The Best of 2018

Drivers: Mr Bataa (Best Driver of 2019), Mr. Tsogbadrakh (Best Driver 2018), Mr. Baaska (Best Driver 2017), Mr. Batbayar (Best Driver 2016), Mr. Davaajargal (Best Driver 2015), Mr. Baaska (Best Driver 2012), Mr. Sodoo (Best Driver 2011), Mr. Bataa (Best Driver 2010 & 2013), Mr. Bayaraa (Best Driver 2009), Mr. Dembereldorj (Best Driver 2008), Mr. Rentsen (Best Driver 2007), Mr. Jadambaa (Best Driver 2006) Mr. Tsogoo, Mr. Aldar, Mr. Ochiroo and many more.  Our drivers are the best and most experienced drivers of Mongolia with the minimum of 15 years driving experience. They know every single road in the country and they always make their clients end the trip with great memories and fond friendship. All our drivers hold the permit to serve for tourists.

Cooks: Mrs. Haivii, Mrs. Osgon - The Cook Team of Selena Travel consists of 4 wonderful professional cooks who will take care of your stomach during camps even if you are a vegetarian. They treat you with Mongolian traditional cuisine, which you will never taste elsewhere. And also food can be changed upon your interests into European and Chinese. All our cooks hold the membership of Mongolian Cooks' Association.

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