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Mongolia Accommodation Guide

mongolia hotels, accommodation in mongolia, mongolian hotelsMongolia Accommodations include hotels, motels, Ger camps, guest houses and B&B in Ulaanbaatar city and countryside in the 21 provinces of Mongolia. Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia offers many hotels ranging from 1* to 5*, comfortable and clean. Please take in mind that travelling in the countryside of Mongolia is often tough, a trip is conducted in remote areas where there’s no hotel and paved roads exist. The Ulaanbaatar hotel room rates are ~ 40$-5000$ per night including breakfast and VAT. Only tourist ger camps can be available in touristy destinations. Ger is Mongolian traditional dwelling made of felt layers and wooden construction in which the Mongols have lived since the time immemorial and they are now happy to share their traditional marvellous gers to make your trip unforgettably beautiful. In Ulaanbaatar they have a variety of good hotels. A ger camp is a kind of hotel that serves with gers instead of rooms. 

Accommodation in Mongolia is getting more luxury and the hoteliers business is getting expand its range. Since foreign entrepreneurs started to launch their business in Mongolian hotel industry, it is getting developed at fast pace. Not only hotels are opening its gate to customers, but also the hotels would be online which is saying that accommodation industry is getting step ahead.
  • Blue Sky Luxury hotel is a member of Preferred Hotel Group
  • Hyatt Hotels Corporation, an international operator of hotels in USA, has announced recently that it has signed management - agreements for the first two Hyatt branded hotels in Mongolia.
  • Kempinski Hotels S.A., a luxury hotel group has already started to deliver its services for Mongolians.
  • Terelj 5* hotel - located in beatuful Terelj National park
  • Ramada City Center 4* hotel - branch of international chain hotel.

Mongolia countryside hotels are increasing and developing now days and new luxury hotels have been built such as 7 stories Dornogobi Hotel in Dornogobi province, hotel in Omnogobi province and Khan Shonkhor hotel in Zamiin Uud town. So it is good choice to stay in local hotels in Mongolian countryside to experience cheap budget hotels to elegant hotels. Mongolia countryside hotel rooms rate 15$-120$ per night including VAT. 
One of them is Mongolian First Real Time Online Hotel Reservation Network was created by Solid Ways travel agency. Since 2009, Mongolian Hotels are joining with which Mongolian Online hotel room booking site. The Solid Ways travel agency can offer you Mongolia cheap hotels, budget hotels, luxury hotels, and discount hotels in Ulaanbaatar and countryside. Mongolian Hotels Network offers you reasonable prices to your hotel room, with discounted rate rooms. All Ulaanbaatar hotel room prices included breakfast and VAT and countryside hotel room rates are included VAT.

The Mongolia countryside hotels are only available to book them by Mongolian Hotels Network has hotels from every province of Mongolia. You can choose your hotel and room, and then send us inquiry to confirm your Mongolia countryside hotel. 

Mongolian Hotels Network guest reviews can be your good assistance when you make your choice. There is also Mongolia Hotels LIVE CHAT to help you directly online. 

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Mongolia guest houses are mostly located in the Ulaanbaatar city. Room rates 5$-40$ per person in guest houses which has apartments and separate rooms. Also there are some Mongolia guest houses which accommodate Ger and rooms both. Specially, there are private Ger guest houses which owned by families and serve for guests in the tourist attraction places in Mongolia.

Mongolia Ger camps are in the countryside and some of them are near the capital Ulaanbaatar. The Ger camps are provide accommodation in the round felt houses used by nomads and usually have separate toilet, washing and restaurant facilities. This is a great experience to stay in Mongolian Ger.
Also camping is available in countryside in Mongolia and also can stay in some protected areas according to permission. Another unique Mongolia accommodation is TEEPEE where only reindeer people live in there in Taiga in Huvsgul province. Mongolia accommodations are wide range of choices to experience them during your visit in Mongolia. Ger accommodation are included in our all package tours. 

Mongolian Ger - Traditional Mongolian accommodation

A ger or “house, home” is referred as the White Pearl of the Steppe. It is not only practical in daily use but holds many meanings forger accommodation, mongolian traditional accommodation Mongolians. The ger or yurt in Turkish language, perfected to meet the demands of a nomad’s life, is a circular felt covered dwelling with lattice walls that can be erected and dismantled within an hour.

The materials of the ger are lightweight that makes it easy for herders to transport the gers either on the back of a camel or on a horse-pulled cart. The gers are decorated with beautiful carved doors and pillars as well as handmade (woven and knitten) fabrics. The two pillars that hold the toono (roof in a shape of a round opening) symbolize the man and the woman of the household, and walking between them is not approved of. A herder can easily tell you what time of the day it is according to how the light comes through roof.
Due to winds mostly from North and Northwest, the doors of the gers always face south, useful to know when one is travelling in the countryside. Another useful tip for a traveler is not to step on the threshold as you enter the ger, for you would be seen as stepping on the neck of the head of the household!
The furniture inside a ger is arranged according to the years of the lunar calendar in a clockwise direction. For example, the most honored place for the guest is khoimor opposite the door where the family keeps its treasures and khoimor location is in the year of the Rat, a symbol of abundance and richness.
The door is located in the year of the Monkey because strangers and guests come through the door (monkey is an uncommon animal to Mongolia). From the religious standpoint, a ger resembles a white seashell, symbol of intelligence the Buddhism. Accommodation in a ger provides a perfect blend of comfort and Authenticity.

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