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Solid Ways gives opportunity to buy the cheapest International flights' air ticket to / from Mongolia and to make air ticket booking much easier for our customers. We will not give you the rough price from the automatic online systems. Really the real person will work on your request and outline your air travel itinerary. Our operators receive your inquiry, find the cheapest price, book the seat for you according to your schedule with no charge. Then you can view your booking statustravel itinerary and price on the Internet and make your further decision. 

Air Flights to Mongolia - Air Gateways to Ulaanbaatar

One of only 2 ways to enter Mongolia is by air plane. Nowadays getting to Mongolia from different parts of the world is becoming easier and easier thanks to the Mongolian and other Foreign Airlines like Air China, Korean Air, Aeroflot etc.. Many airlines now fly to a variety of international destinations which are easy stopover points for any traveler coming from the USA, Europe, Australia and other Asian countries.

Chingis Khaan is the only International airport in the country. It is located 18 km to the south-west of the town and been reconstructed in 1990. It is actually not very crowded, clean and immigration and customs formalities as well as luggage delivery are very punctual.

Possibilities to get to Mongolia from other destinations by air:

    - From Seoul (Korea) to Ulaanbaatar Mongolia (KAL and MIAT direct air flights)
    - From Tokyo (Japan) to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (MIAT direct air flight)
    - From Europe to Moscow and then on to Ulaanbaatar with AEROFLOT (Russian Airline)
    - From Europe to Beijing with the major foreign companies and then to Ulaanbaatar with MIAT or Air China flights
    - From Berlin, Germany (twice in a week flights) to Ulaanbaatar Mongolia direct air flight with (MIAT)
    - From Milan (Italy) - Berlin and then to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (MIAT)
    - From Irkutsk (Russia) to Ulaanbaatar (MIAT and Aero Mongolia)
    - From Huh Hot (Inner Mongolia, China) to Ulaanbaatar (Aero Mongolia)

Group discounts: 

If you are arranging travel for a larger group (min 10 PAX) we are able to offer you more attractive rate for you. Also we can give you small group discount for the goup of 4 -9 PAX.

If you have a particular requirement in relation to accommodation, transfers, guide, transportation and other short trips in and around Ulaanbaatar, Moscow, Irkutsk and Beijing please remember to let us know when booking. We are happy to arrange these services for you or give advise on all service.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time. 
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