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Mongolia is a land of nomadic people whose lives have not changed much from the days of mighty Mongol Empire in many ways. A half of the nation roam freely in the vast countryside of Mongolia with their five kinds of livestock: horses, camels, cows, ...

Nomads' Day festival

A cultural revival is proving a big hit with visitors and locals alike: For two days each September 17 to 18, which is symbolized an auspicious day the 17th of the second month of autumn, according to the oriental calendar, t...

Local Community Support

Like any country transitioning to a free-market economy, Mongolia has its share of opportunities and challenges.  Today, approximately half of the three million Mongolian population lives like their ancestors as nomads or semi-nomads in the coun...

Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve

Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve was founded in 2003 in order to protect the endangered wildlife and their habitats. Also there is developing environment-friendly and community-based tourism in this remote area. The Nature Reserve is located at 130 km fro...

Responsible Travel Award

Selena Travel LLC has won in the Best for Conservation of Cultural Heritage category at this year's Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards organized by At a ceremony hosted at World Travel Market (WTM), Docklands, Londo...

Young tourism Pro

“YOUNG TOURISM PRO” УЛСЫН VI УРАЛДААНЫ УДИРДАМЖ “YOUNG TOURISM PRO” улсын уралдаан нь Магадлан Итгэмжлэгдсэн Их, Дээд сургуулиудын Англи ...

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