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Mongolian Ger Camps - Traditional accommodation

What is a ger camp?
  • In the countryside, ger camps are the most common form of tourist accommodation. A ger camp consists of several traditional Mongolian dwellings called “gers”.
  • A ger is a wooden construction, covered with felt layers. They are surprisingly comfortable.
  • An average ger camp has 20-30 gers, serves 40-80 guests at a time.
  • Ger camps are equipped with electricity, have western style showers and toilets and serve tasty food. 

Ger camp facilities - Inside a Ger

  • Each authentic ger is furnished with 1-4 soft beds.
  • Beds have clean and good bedding.
  • In the center of  the Ger there’s a wooden stove, which serves as the heating when it’s a little bit chilly.
  • A table, several stools, cloth hanger, mirror etc are provided in each ger.
Ger camp facilities - Food and Beverage
  • Ger camp restaurants serve with tasty and good European and Mongolian dishes.
  • Restaurant bars are fully stocked with imported and domestic beverages
  • Vegetarian food is not a problem for ger camps.
Ger camp facilities - Washing Facilities
  • All ger camps serve with Western style washing facilities and hot water. Washing facilities are found in a separate building some 15-30 m from the ger accommodation.
  • Some ger camps even have swimming pool, sauna and massage.
  • Laundry service is available at most ger camps at modest charges.

Sample Restaurants in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - Mongolian and European Dishes

Modern Nomads restaurant - Mongolian dishes with modern flavor       

  • Founded in 2003 Modern Nomads restaurant is the first of Nomads chain restaurants.
  • They serve with mouth watering traditional Mongolian dishes with some modern flavor added.
  • Traditional Mongolian interior design gives more authenticity
  • The restaurant can serve up to 120 guests at a time.
Mongolian Barbeque restaurant - Create your own stir fry!
  • Mongolian Barbeque restaurant gives guests the unique opportunity to create and enjoy their own stir fry in traditional Mongolian style.
  • Food choice is great starting from beef to a wide range of vegetable, tofu, soups and so on.
  • The restaurant can serve up to 180 guests at a time
Zing restaurant - Excellent European dishes
  • Located in the heart of Ulaanbaatar, Zing offers a great range of excellent European dishes prepared my a French chef and team.
  • The restaurant can serve up to 50 guests at a time.
  • A great choice of fine wine and other drinks make your meal memorable.
City Nomads restaurant - Modern Mongolian taste
  • The restaurant is well-known for tasty modern Mongolian meals and beverages.
  • Traditional Mongolian folk performance makes City Nomads one of the best places for both Mongolians and foreigners.
  • The restaurant can serve up to 130 guests at a time

Mongolia Transport - Selena Travel vehicles & Mongolia Domestic flights 

Mongolian Road and Transport

Most of Mongolia’s 47000 kilometer road system is dirt tracks. Only approximately 4% of the roads are paved.  The extreme climate wrecks havoc on the paved roads and road signs are far and few in between. The good news is that there is little traffic and no traffic jams in the countryside.  Jeeps are most suitable for countryside driving. Russian minivans are designed for tough drives and perform well in for remote areas like Western Mongolia and the Taiga.

Our vehicles - Toyota Land Cruiser
4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser is the king of Mongolian roads. As a powerful, high quality and most trusted Japanese jeep Toyota Land cruiser is used widely for our tours. Equipped with AC. 2-3 passengers in a jeep.
Our vehicles - Mitsubishi Delica
Mitsubishi Delica minivans are Japanese made, 4x4 , high quality and powerful vehicles used for countryside roads.
Equipped with AC. Suitable for a group of 3 to 4 persons.
Our vehicles - Mecedes Istana
Mercedes Istana is suitable for city tours and destinations closer to Ulaanbaatar and around. Equipped with AC. Up to 10 passengers can travel at a time.
Our vehicles - Hyundai County bus
Hyundai county bus is made in South Korea and comfortable, roomy and good for Mongolian roads. Equipped with AC and mic. 15-20 passengers in each Hyundai County bus.
Our vehicles - Hyundai Aerocity
Hyundai Aerocity bus is very comfortable, powerful and suitable for city tours and closer destinations around Ulaanbaatar city. Equipped with AC and mic. Up to 40 passengers in each Aerocity.
Domestic Flights - Regular flights
Mongolia has two domestic airlines Eznis Airways and AeroMongolia. They operate flights to most provincial capitals and major tourist destinations like the Gobi.  Their flight schedules may be subject to change without any prior notices due to weather.
Domestic Flights - Requested flights
  • Mi 8 helicopters and small planes are available upon request.
  • Also Eznis and AeroMongolia serves with requested charter flights.

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