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Jul 19, 2024.  Gobi Desert and Karakorum overland private tour

Thank you for working with me in designing and arranging for our trip to Gobi. Bruce and I are back home in the US, after a wonderful trip to your country. The itinerary worked out very well. As you noted, it included lots of driving, much on dirt roads, but we would not do it differently another time. The vastness of the Gobi and all that it includes will remain in our memories forever. Our guide, Tami, was a delight and pleasant to be with for the six days. She made sure everything went well, and with our approval adjusted the itinerary occasionally. Our driver, Poujee, was terrific with his very comfortable Lexus SUV. His skill as a driver was very evident as we drove mile after mile on dirt roads. As we drove along the roads he was also great at pointing out animals and birds we otherwise would not have noticed. Morning and afternoon breaks for coffee made with special equipment was lovely. Poujee simply pulled off the road on to the field, put down the tail gate of his car and made coffee. All in all, it was a lovely trip. Thank you for all you did to make it such a success.

Sara. USA

Jun 28, 2015.  Gobi Desert and Karakorum overland tour

 A Professional And Responsible Company

We took part in an 8-day Gobi Desert tour with Selena Travel in July 2015, and were absolutely ecstatic with every aspect of the trip. We had heard horror stories from travellers who booked these tours with other companies, but Selena Travel went above and beyond to make sure each member of our groups' needs were met. Everything ran smoothly, the destinations were impeccable, the scenery gorgeous and the people we met were wonderful. The comfortable Japanese vans with A/C were hugely appreciated in the heat of the desert. Every ger camp we stayed in was luxurious, yet still maintained authenticity. The quality of the food exceeded expectations.

Two things stand out that make Selena Travel a superior company: Their noble approach to responsible and sustainable tourism, through helping run nature reserves and supporting local people, and their staff.

A special thanks to our guide Joe, who worked tirelessly to look after everything on the road. His excellent English skills and caring nature really made the tour memorable. But even more so, we'd like to thank our drivers Jack, Davaa, Amgaa and Mhunkuu. They became the friendly uncles of the group, always laughing and joking with us, despite not knowing too much English. Together with Joe, this team really made our experience in the Gobi Desert something to remember. We highly recommend the services of Selena Travel.

Alesha and Jarryd. Australia

May 01, 2016.  Tailor Made- Mongolia in Brief tour


- Excellent private exclusive tour arrangement, done by Joe (Tour consultant)
- Baaska (Tour guide), was very professional and responsible throughout to your, took good care of my wife, always on time
- OG (Tour drive), was a very careful and have good foresight, avoided and navigated all the bad terrain in the snow, had a good ride
- Selena chose a good hotel (Premier Tuushin), and food provide during the trip was to our liking
- No question, will recommend Selena Tour to anyone who I come across for visit to Mongolia

Mike Wong. Singapore

Jul 19, 2016.  Tailor Made- Nomadic by Nature tour

 Perfect service

We hired Selena Travel for a nomadic tour. The task was a bit challenging, since we are traveling with our son, who is 2 years old. 
Since the quotation process, the staff was very fast and concerned about our needs and budget. The replies were very fast too. 

Sam, the guide who travelled with us, is very knowledgeable and extremely patient with our son. When the toddler was cranky or just wanting to run around, he would get him on his arms like his own son.

As to the tour itself, we can't put down in words how incredible that was. We spent two days and one night with a true nomadic family and it was an experience of a lifetime. The tour was very authentic with a real family with real habits. We will never forget that.

Mariana Veiga. Brazil

Jun 15, 2016.  The Gobi Desert and Karakorum beyond tour 2024

 The Gobi Desert, Karakorum and Beyond

Just one month ago I returned from one of the best travel tours of my life, Selena Tours 11 day discovery tour. I have extensive travel experience, but little knowledge of a Mongolia. I selected Selena Tours from the internet information but was concerned that there were few reviews of the extended trips, such as the Gobi and Beyond tour. Selena Tours advertise culture and adventure so this sounded just right. I was traveling single from the United States so it was to be an adventure for me. 

The result of my choice could not have been better. I simply loved this trip with the wide open spaces, the opportunity to met true Mongolians in their homes, the organized and accommodating ger camps, the very satisfactory bathroom facilities, food, guide, driver, it all was my idea of a perfect travel tour. I was greeted at the airport by my guide and driver at 1am upon arrival. There was never any hassle, confusion or surprises that would concern a solo traveler. I would highly recommend Selena Tours and would go on another tour in a red hot second!
Jean from US

Jean Slater. USA

Mar 09, 2015.  Mongolia spring tour - tailor-made & private journey

Dear Selena Travel team,  

Thanks again for another fantastic Mongolian tour. Joe was wonderful a guide as ever, and our driver (the Commander) was very lovely too. They both looked after James and I very well, and we got to go dog sledding in the end too, so thanks again. 
I appreciate the kind and prompt service from all the staff of Selena Travels that I have met. Attached, a few photographs from this trip. 

Cindy. New Zealand

Jul 08, 2014.  Naadam festival & National parks tour (tailor-made)

Dear Crystal, 

Apologies for delay in responding. Hope you have been well.
My feedback from our last visit to Mongolia in July is also long overdue. We had a wonderful visit. Everyone in the group enjoyed Mongolia very much. Specially the children had a memorable trip with horse related activities. Thank you so much for all your patience in making the arrangements for us. Oggie was a wonderful and kind guide who took care of all the onsite coordination and tried to accommodate the group needs as best as possible. He was specially kind to the children which the family very much appreciated. The driver was also pleasant, on time, good, safe driver. Our gratitude from the group for their services. Your special arrangements for vegetarian meals were great. The group was amazed at the farm visit and vegan lunch on one of our day trips. It was very special and meaningful for everyone. The host family was wonderful and made great arrangements. Everyone specially enjoyed the evening cultural show in Ulan. It was very well done. Some went to see it again.  
Special thanks to you for accommodating our transportation needs at the last minute. Americans tend to like their space and would have been very uncomfortable and grumpy if luggage had been in the same van and they would tight packed with no room. Roads in Mongolia are rough and so people need comfortable space and not be tight pack with day packs and all.   
Much as everyone enjoyed the trip and would love to go back on a more extensive trip to the interior including Gobi and Khuvsgul. Hopefully we can make that trip some day. I don’t think anyone is able to come in next couple of years as responsibilities back home have taken over.
Thanks again for making arrangements for a memorable trip with many good and pleasant impressions.
Wishing you the best,

Pam Aylward. USA

Jun 23, 2014.  Following the nomadic trains in Western Mongolia - 14 days tour

Hello Crys,
Here are a few photos from our trip. We had a great time and went very good with the diet.
It was pretty cold in the mountains and snowing on the last night in our tent that was quite an experience to wake up after a hefty storm and to find you snowed under.
We gave Somja our sheet and we hope you got that one. Baku took that all a bit lightly but otherwise no problems and we had a great time on the very rough roads. We loved all the contact with the local people we had that a lot more than our first trip. It was really good to see that nomadic life it is pretty hard out there.
Is Somja still there she was good to have although all she wanted was being out of Ulaanbaatar. She gave us the CD’s and the lovely little plates. Thank you very much for that.
Yes the show was not on but that happens and on Sunday we wanted to see the concert on the square and we got rained out that was a shame because we wanted to see that show very much but weather we cannot control.
The train worked fine and we had a nice time around lake Baikal and made it home safely again. We had long days and lovely weather so all in all a very good holiday.
Thank you Crys for all your care and organizing we do appreciate it. We love being in your country. I have to email the boys as well. It was fantastic to see them. We had a good time and very good driver at our last trip but Joe and Sodoo are very special to us. We just clicked so well together they are great guys.
All the best and we have to keep in touch. Love Peter and Riet. 

Peter & Riet. New Zealand

Jun 20, 2014.  Discover True Mongolia - customized, private tour

Dear Zola,

Thank you for checking. The flight back went well. And yes, we did have a wonderful time on our tour. Shinee and Baska were the best guide and driver we could have hoped for. We have already decided that we would like to see the Altai mountains and N/W Mongolia on our next trip.

Thanks again for planning a memorable trip, especially with all of the changes. We couldn't be happier.

Jean and Dave. USA

Jun 05, 2014.  The Gobi & Karakorum - departure of Jun 05

Dear Crystal.
In very few words : I had a great tour :)
Thanks Selena Travel to have made this possible ! It has been a great discovery of Mongolia :)
I just wanted to make sure that you know this because I sent you a lot of mails and questions. You answered to all of them kindly and patiently making my trip a real special one. I will keep wonderful memories of this first trip to Mongolia.
Thanks once again and best regards,

Michael Bulle

Michael Bulle. Switzerland

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