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Regulations on China Visa - 

The PRC(People’s Republic of China) follows the international system and issues Chinese visas according to its laws and regulations which may be modified from time to time.  Generally speaking, travelers requiring a visa must be obtained prior to travel. China visas are generally issued for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months from the date of issue and allow single, double or multiple entries according to visa application request and supporting documents. Length of stay is usually up to 30 days. Multiple entry visas are only issued at the discretion of the Chinese Consulate, to applicants with a passport valid for no less than 18 months beyond stay in China, and who provide a copy of a previous China visa. Applicants who have not held a previous China visa or who do not have sufficient validity on their passport can request a single or double entry visa.

China Visa Types - 

China visas consist of eight sub-categories, which are respectively marked with Chinese phonetic letters F, L, X, C, J-1, J-2, G, and D.

F Visa: 

Issued to an applicant who is invited to China for visit, research, lecture, business, scientific-technological and culture exchanges or short-term advanced studies or intern practice for a period of no more than six months.

L Visa: 

Issued to an applicant who comes to China for tourist purposes, family visiting or other personal affairs.

Z Visa: 

Issued to an applicant who is to take up a post or employment in China, and their accompanying family members.

X Visa: 

Issued to an applicant who comes to China for the purpose of study, advanced study or intern practice for a period of six months or more.

C Visa: 

Issued to crew members on international aviation, navigation and land transportation missions and family members accompanying them.

J-1 Visa: 

Issued to foreign resident correspondents in China.

J-2 Visa: 

Issued to foreign correspondents on temporary interview mission in China.

G Visa: 

Issued to those who transit through China.

D Visa: 

Issued to applicant who is to reside permanently in China.
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China Tourist Visa Application - 

China tourist visas for individual or group are easy to obtain. You may apply them directly at the embassy of China or one of Chinese consulates in your country. 

1. Basic Requirements

         1) Fill out a visa application form that can be easily obtained from Chinese embassy / consulate or its web sites.
         2) Supply two recent 2" x 2" Passport photo (bareheaded and full-faced);
         3) A valid passport (must be valid at least 6 months beyond the conclusion of your trip) with available blank
              page for visa.
         4) Invitation letter issued by the Tourism Administration Bureau if necessary
         5) Confirmation Letter offered by our company if necessary 
         6) Methods of Application and Processing Time
         7) Applicants are required to come to the visa office to make the visa application.
         8) The regular processing time is 7 business days. The applicant may request expedited processing with the
              approval of the consular official, and there will be surcharge.

2. Special Notes:

       1) Any person suffering from a mental disorder, leprosy, AIDS, venereal disease, contagious tuberculosis
           or other diseases will not be allowed to enter China.
       2) For travel to Tibet, in addition to the China visa, an additional Tibet Travel Permit is required.
           We will obtain the permit on your behalf when you confirm the Tibet tour with us. 

If you are need further information, please check the website of the Chinese embassies and consulates in your country. Chinese Embassies and Consulates Please find all the Chinese Embassies and Consulates from the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of People’s Republic of China 

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