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As a trusted business establishment in Mongolia, we Selena Travel are a member of numerous important international travel organizations and the most important national associations. These organisations guarantee that Selena Travel Mongolia is a reliable company that delivers consistent travel services in Mongolia and North Asia, and has been in the business for considerable years.


pata members, pata members from MongoliaWe are proud and only active Mongolian member of PATA, the leader of Asia Pacific Travel in Mongolia since 2005.
Founded in 1951, the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) continues to be the leading authority, advocate and catalyst for the responsible development of of Asia Pacific's travel and tourism industry.PATA's uniquely structured organization has helped unite the many facets of tourism in the region. PATA provides leadership and advocacy to the collective efforts of nearly 100 government, state and city tourism bodies, more than 55 airlines and cruise lines, and hundreds of travel industry companies. In addition, thousands of travel professionals belong to a global network of PATA chapters.Through PATA's unique partnerships with and between its members, it continues to enhance the sustainable growth, value and quality of travel and tourism to, from and within Asia Pacific -- the world's most dynamic region.

ATTA members, adventure travel trade association from MongoliaSelena Travel Mongolia is a member since 2012.
ATTA are a catalyst, a hub, a refuge, a facilitator. Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), a global membership organization and home to a thriving community of more than 800 responsible, profitable businesses, destinations and media who transform customers and businesses alike into advocates for sustainability and justice worldwide. ATTA members include tour operators, tourism boards, specialty travel agents, guides, accommodations, media and service providers. ATTA are driven to help adventure tourism businesses and destinations worldwide succeed. ATTA works to implement industry standards, face and address thorny issues, tackle initiatives that get adventure travel in front of the mainstream culture, and work to get others who should be investing in this industry educated about who the adventure traveler is, and the responsibilities we share to protect the people and places we visit. ATTA are working to ensure the sustainable development of the adventure tourism industry, with our sights set on people, planet and profit.

Mongolian Tourism association, members of mongolian tourism associationWe are a member of Mongolian Tourism Association since 2002.
Established in 1992, the MTA today has several members that represent the best of Mongolia's tour operators and accommodations. The main focus of the MTA is to increase the quality of tourism facilities and services to enable all visitors to experience the best that Mongolia has to offer. In partnership with government agencies we aim to promote Mongolia for what it is - a culturally, historically and environmentally unique destination.We are one of the active members that participate all activiies from the Association and support its all kinds of campaigns, exhibitions and debates. We are the winner of "Best Travel Management Award 2005", “Best Tour Operator 2009”, “TOP tour operator 2011” and “TOP tour operator 2012” of Mongolian Travel Association.

Members of Mongolian national chamber of Commerce and IndustryOur head company, Selena Co. Ltd has been an active and supportive member of MNCCI, Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2003. MNCCI was established on 02 July 1960 under the name of "Chamber of Commerce" with a staff of the chairman, the foreign trade arbitrator and the general secretary. The first meeting of member companies of the Chamber held in 1961 and admitted 29 organizations as its active members. Since the adoption of the Law of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1995 the Chamber`s activities have been expanding both domestically and internationally. Today the Chamber is the main business representative body of Mongolian business community engaging the most of companies, enterprises and trade organizations in its wide range of activities and services and protecting their common interests. 

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