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Discover True Mongolia (September) Hot New

Discovering the real Mongolia | Explore Mongolia's landscapes.


from US$ 3,600

Mongolia is a vast country with breathtaking scenery. This voyage encompasses North, South, and Central Mongolia, giving you a good feel for the diverse landscape. It combines short flights and overland drives of up to six hours a day. Each day promises new experiences and adventures, from serene hikes in the wilderness to intimate encounters with local nomadic families. Tour including pristine Huvsgul lake, Khorgo-Terkh national park with volcanic surroundings, ancient capital of mighty Mongol Empire: Karakorum and marvelous Gobi desert.

Gobi Odyssey (6 days) Hot

Camel riding through Khongor Sand Dunes   | Gobi Odyssey | Gobi Desert Tour Mongolia | Dune


from US$ 1,300

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the mesmerizing landscapes of the Gobi Desert, where each moment unveils the diverse beauty of Mongolia. Experience the tranquility of Khongor Sand Dunes, explore the famed Flaming Cliffs with its dinosaur fossils, and venture into the serene Yol Valley with its perennial icy wonders. Discover the peaceful expanse of the Gobi steppe, engaging with nomadic communities along the way. Immerse yourself in their way of life, trek through the Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park, and marvel at the captivating night sky, making this exploration of Mongolia's enchanting Gobi region a truly unforgettable experience.

Discover True Mongolia tour 2024 Hot

Discover True Mongolia tour | Khuvsgul lake | Mongolia tour | Travel to Mongolia | Discover Mongolia tour | Photo by Tengis Galamez


from US$ 2,950

Join us on this epic tour through Mongolian untouched wilderness, sleep under millions of stars and meet real Mongolian nomads. On this 16-day tour, you will visit the highlights of Central, Southern & Northern Mongolia, and explore their jaw-dropping natural wonders, ancient historical sites and local people.

North & Central Mongolian Explorer 2024 Hot

North and central Mongolia tour | Takhi wild horses in Mongolia | endangered horses on earth


from US$ 2,300

Northern Mongolia explorer tour is an overland driving tour that takes you to natural and cultural wonders in the Northern and Central Mongolia including lake Huvsgul, White lake, old Karakorum and Hustai National park.

Majestic Western Mongolia tour

Khyargas lake in Uvs province Mongolia


from US$ 4,000

Western Mongolia is famous for being home for a dozen ethnic groups of Mongolian and the Kazakhs. Renowned Altai peaks, various ethnic group and beautiful pristine nature are the characteristics of western Mongolia.

The Gobi Desert and Karakorum beyond tour 2024 Hot

Camel riding in the gobi | Gobi desert tour  2024 / 2025 | to travel to Mongolia | Mongolia tour |


from US$ 1,750

Your expedition will lead you across diverse landscapes, from the arid Gobi Desert to the vast central Mongolian steppe. Along the way, forge connections with the nomadic Gobi camel herders, and central Mongolian nomads, immersing yourself in their unique ways of life.

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