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Mongolia Naadam Festival tour 2024 Hot

Mongolia Naadam Festival Tour 2024 | Mongolia tour | Mongolian archer | Archery compatition  during the Naadam Festival


from US$ 1,600

Selena Travel Mongolia invites you to join the Great Naadam Festival tour which offer a unique opportunity to experience the one of the best celebrations of Mongolia, the Naadam festival- pride of Mongols! The tour also includes visits to the ancient Karakorum, Bayangobi sand dunes and Hustai national park.

Gobi Desert and Grand Naadam Festival tour 2024

Naadam Festival and Gobi Desert Tour | Mongolia tour | to travel to Mongolia | Best places to visit


from US$ 2,280

This tour offers a complete introduction to this ancient and beautiful country, visiting regions that many other tours do not cover. Visits to old capital Karakorum, great Gobi desert and Naadam festival are included.

Ancient Capital of Mongol empire tour


from US$ 1,300

This fantastic Mongolia tour takes you on the path of Great Mongol Empire to the historic sites of 13th century, first Buddhist monastery, Hustai National park where Przewalski horses live and Gun-Galuut nature reserve.

Golden Eagle Festival tour 2024 Hot

Golden Eagle Festival tour | Golden Eagle and Kazakh Eagle hunter


from US$ 2,550

Looking to capture the essence of Kazakh traditional eagle hunting in your photography? Don't miss this golden opportunity to add rare and exotic images of nomadic culture to your treasure chest. Join us and take advantage of this unique chance to document the beauty and tradition of eagle hunting. Join us for the annual Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia's westernmost, Bayan-Olgii Province. This tour not only has the Golden Eagle festival but also includes visits to natural wonders and cultural heritages of Mongolia.

Naadam Festival add-on tour 2024 Hot

Naadam Festival 2024 Add on tour | 2 day tour


from US$ 330

Naadam Festival is one of the eight festivals to attend in your lifetime according to Telegraph Travel.  The Naadam Festival consists of Mongolian wrestling, archery and horse racing, and is best of the Mongolian festivals. This tour give you an opportunity to take part in the fantastic Naadam Festival.

Altai Eagle Festival tour 2024 Hot

Altai Eagle Festival Mongolia 2024 | Golden eagle Festival


from US$ 2,500

This spectacular event includes competitions based on speed, agility, and accuracy of these magnificent Golden Eagles and some great Kazakh traditional games such as Bushkashi, Tiyn Ter, archery and traditional camel racing etc are also organized on the festival days.

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