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  • Beijing Highlights: Tiananmen Square , Forbidden city, the Great Wall, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palance
  • Breathtaking sceneries all the time and endless photo opportunities!
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Travel to Beijing and visit its historical and cultural wonders with Selena Travel! Beijing is the historical, economical, political and cultural center of the People's Republic of China. "In the year 1272, Beijing became the Capital of a unified country for the first time in Mongolian Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368) on the orders of Mongolian Great Khaan Khubilai" was written in the Travels of Marco Polo. In fact, Beijing has been the Capital of Jin, Mongolian Yuan, Ming, Manchu Qing and Republic of China and today it still is the center of national politics, economics, culture, transportation and tourism. Beijing is closely connected with the Mongolian rich history as once it served as the capital city of Great Mongolian Empire in the 13-14th century when the Mongols ruled the world. The municipality is under direct administration of China's Central Government.

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