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Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve

Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve was founded in 2003 in order to protect the endangered wildlife and their habitats. Also there is developing environment-friendly and community-based tourism in this remote area. The Nature Reserve is located at 130 km from Ulaanbaatar to the southeast on the banks of the River Kherlen. It is only 2-3 hour drive from the capital city (113 km on paved road, 17 km on earth road).
Map of Gun - Galuut nature reserve, Gun - GaluutThe Nature Reserve is truly the marvelous combination of high mountains, colorful flowers, pretty lakes, rivers and wetland waters with full of water birds including some rare and endangered species. Argali or Wild Mountain Sheep is rare, endangered species in the world. You can see herd of argali close distance in Baits and Berkh mountains. Siberian White Crane is very rare, critically endangered species in the world. A few number of this bird can found summer in Ayaga Lake and River Galuutai. 
White-Naped Crane is very rare in the world, classified as vulnerable category on the IUCN Red list. You can see them in the Ayagiin Burd wetland. Every year few couple of this bird breeds in Tsengiin Burd wetland.

What you can do there: 

At the Nature Reserve tourists can see and take pictures of the endangered beautiful wild mountain sheep Argali the Big Horns from the closest distance. The Argali is very rare today and not seen in many places. Mongolia is one of the few places that are last homes for this beautiful species. It is a big opportunity to catch the UP-CLOSEST glimpse of the endangered Wild mountain sheep-Argali.
Throughout the reserve, many locations provide great angles to view a number of rare water bird species including the White Crane, White napped crane, Black stork, Swan goose, Asian pond heron, Black Stork and the beautiful Whooper swan.
Good telescopes and binoculars are also available to enhance the great experience. Unfortunately, the most of these wonderful birds are now going to extinct and existing are only in a very few countries. Horse riding in the mountains, steppes and along the river is just awesome! Gallop on the ground where once the greatest emperor of all time the Genghis Khaan once travelled! 
There is great FISHING on the quiet Kherlen River including Taimen, Pike, Lenok, Burbot, Amur Catfish and Sturgeon. Go fishing to encounter the mighty fish! Visiting nomadic families will be unforgettable beautiful experience as you will love their faces with real smiles, hospitality, simple, unique and peaceful lifestyle. You also can ride camel/yak or travel with camel/yak carts as these are merged parts of nomadic lifestyle. Sailing in a boat on the Lake Ikh-Gun or the River Kherlen and swimming in the river is a great way to relax. Rafting is well done on the River Kherlen too.
Now it is time to escape from the city and hotel environment and experience intimately relaxing nomadic lifestyle under the eternal blue sky, untouched nature beauty and unspoilt tradition of the Mongols.
Our itineraries are made for all nature lovers, fishers, adventurers, riders and everyone wants to spend their holiday in this peaceful place away from the city.

Take a short tour: 

Plan your tour with the Tourist Map now. Rangers will provide you with a free map when you get to Gun-Galuut.

Argali Photo Safari

Watch and take photographs of herds of wild mountain sheep -Argali and Endangered birds from the closest distance. Perfect place to relax. Closest place to the capital city, for all those above, only 2 hour drive. Easily reachable on good road. Stay at comfortable tourist camp.

Fishing in River Kherlen

Rich fish species including Taimen Best and secret fishing spots. Closest place to the capital city, only 2 hour drive on good road, Good fishing gear provided. Stay at comfortable tourist camp.

Horse riding through the Nature Reserve

Fascinating nature scenery and relaxing environment. Experienced horsemen and well tamed horses. Wild animals and endangered birds viewing. Nomadic lifestyle experiencing Horse riding tour to the Genghis Khan's birthplace. 

Stay in "Steppe Nomads" tourist camp

This new ger camp has built for your comfortable stay at Gün - Galuut Nature Reserve with all the facilities you may need.
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