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A day with Argali Sheep in Gun Galuut Nature Reserve
Posted by Selena Travel / Jan 19, 2022

Since the establishment of Gun Galuut Nature Reserve in 2003, Selena Travel has been profoundly engaged in conservation efforts of the Nature Reserve. During the last weekend, in collaboration with the local conservation team and Steppe Nomads Ger camp, Selena Travel team visited the Gun Galuut Nature Reserve and distributed salt blocks at the mineral lick of Mountain Sheep population in the area. Providing essential minerals for the Mountain Sheep will help them to survive the harsh winter and get into the spring in a better health. On this day, we were lucky enough to sight 67 Mountain sheep!

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Travel Blog series by Heather Caveney: Orkhon Waterfall--A Must-See while in Uvurkhangai
Posted by Selena Travel / Jan 19, 2022

We tried to travel to the Orkhon waterfall that first summer I visited Mongolia. It seemed a short distance from Karakorum and we asked about swapping out the customary visit to the Erdene Zuu Monastery for a day trip to the waterfall. However, our guide and driver were quick to say that this was not a possibility as the road to the waterfall was, in their words, “a very bad road.”

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10 Things to Do for a Short Stay in Mongolia
Posted by Selena Travel / Jan 18, 2022

Sometimes we can’t stay as long as we want in a place. If you don’t have a ton of time, but want to maximize your Mongolian experience you can. Mongolia’s size is part of its charm, but it’s also one of its challenges. For example, if you want to visit Mongolia, and see a lot of the Gobi Desert in three days, it’s just not going to happen.

For this list, I compiled things you can easily do from the hub of Ulaanbaatar. From there, you can arrange smaller trips, and some of these activities can be done elsewhere (like horseback riding). These trips are for anything from a day-long layover to three days.

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Every Nomads has his day
Posted by Selena Travel / Jan 17, 2022

Nomads' Day festival of Mongolia which has being organized by Selena Travel since 2006 has won the Best for conservation of cultural heritage | Winner in 2009 by Responsibel Tourism Award 2009. And r:travel magazine has featured the article about Nomads' day its' one of issue of 2009. And we're delivering the article as magazine copy in PDF. In the part of begining the article, it says:

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