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When is the Best Time for a Horse-Riding Trip in Mongolia ?

Posted by Selena Travel / 04 20, 2024

Horse riding is an integral part of Mongolia culture. Images of nomads corralling their herds over the open areas of the country abound. Those seeking Mongolia travel advice might not know that it’s relatively easy to get a hold of some horses and do a multi-day horse riding trip. It’s also possible just to do a trip for a couple hours, but that’s for a different article. Here are some Mongolia Travel Tips for the best time to do a horse-riding trip.


The first thing to remember is that the weather is better in Summer. While there are a ton of things to do in the winter season in Mongolia, the summer is the best time to actually hop on the back of a horse. The warm temperatures of July and August provide some of the best times to ride. In the beautifully forested Lake Huvsgul region, the tourist high season is July, meaning you’ll have plenty of company and back up in case something goes awry. By August the bugs will have eased back, and you can truly enjoy the beautiful scenery.

August is also the best time to go horseback riding in the area around Ulaanbaatar. The dry air makes camping a little easier, and the slow pace of life in the capital means you won’t be missing much. You can enjoy a little bit easier access to horse tours and ger camps and civilization in general by staying close to the capital.


Pristine nature and breathtaking scenery will amaze you everywhere you go – Mongolia is the 19th largest country by territory and the vast land means a wide array of nature zones such as the mysterious Gobi Desert, Great Mongolian steppe, majestic Altai mountains, lush green Khangai mountains, Asia’s dark blue pearl Lake Huvsgul, and Genghis Khan’s birthplace Khentii mountains, and sceneries change to more and more admiration. 

For those interested in a trip out to see the mountains in the west, the high tourist season is also in July. You can see the mountains still wrapped in some glaciers, though. 


The Mongolian horses are generally smaller and more independently minded than Western horses. They are often left alone in herds to manage on their own until they’re needed by a family.

If you need supplies, you can find them at Narantuul, or the Black Market. More referring to the color than the legality of the market, you can find pretty much any supply you need for a horse trek. From saddles to sleeping bags, you can find it there. Just be mindful of the people around you and only bring enough cash to get what you need. Violence is rare, but keep your valuables close to you. 

Hope this article has helped you to plan your travel to Mongolia. There are tons of resources for horse trekking in Mongolia, and you can find out more information from travel guides.

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