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A Visit to Gun Galuut Nature Reserve

Posted by Selena Travel / 04 20, 2024

We are delighted to share brief information about Gun Galuut Nature Reserve which was founded in 2003 in Bayandelger soum Tuv province to protect the endangered wildlife including Argali sheep, rare species of birds and their habitats while supporting the community livelihood. The initiation was made by Mr. Batbold who is a founder of Selena Travel Group. We have been continuously working hard to preserve the nature and offer the most authentic experience for our travelers.

Gun Galuut Nature Reserve is located 120 km east from the capital city, Ulaanbaatar and it is by the bank of sacred Kherlen River. A Nature Reserve is truly the marvelous combination of high mountains, colorful flowers; pretty lakes, rivers, and wetland waters with full of water birds that are endangered species in the world such Siberian White-Naped Crane.

Activities you can do here:

A team of “Steppe Nomads” ger camp, a part of Selena Travel Group, will promise you a peaceful night rest in one of our comfortable guest gers (traditional Mongolian dwelling) and our talented chef prepares your delicious and healthy meals from locally grown, organic products. At Steppe Nomads, you can watch endangered wildlife, enjoy horse riding, kayaking on the Kherlen River, hiking or biking as well as visiting to herder families to learn about their way of lives.

A signature event of Selena Travel and the local community group of Gun Galuut nature reserve is “Nomads Day festival”. The specific event won in the “Best for Conservation of Cultural Heritage category in 2009 from Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards organized by  We celebrate “Nomads Day” on Sep 18 -19 annually, this is where you will enjoy the joyful atmosphere and learn the clever nomads' way of life by taking every chance of taking part in the nomadic life activities like a nomad. The nomads will compete in teams. "Mongol Image" competition between beautiful young couples and a wonderful concert by the local nomads will be there. On the second day, enjoy the famous Naadam Festival, a mini version: wrestling, horseracing, and archery.

Selena Travel team were awarded “Best Eco Tourism destination” from The SKAL International awards in 2005, on founding a new ecotourism destination in Gun Galuut Nature Reserve – a conservation of globally endangered species and developing environment friendly – community based tourism in the nature reserve. 

We would like to urge you to mark Gun Galuut Nature reserve on your travel calendar. 

 Prepared by: Ms. Chimgee Nergui  

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