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Posted by Selena Travel / 07 19, 2024

 Saving their heritage with…

Horse Power

They can ride like the wind but the galloping hooves of time threatened to dilute, perhaps obliterate, their nomadic traditions.
Meta Mertens calls it her horse heaven…the sweeping plains of Mongolia, where she is proud to play a part maintaining centuries of equine history. She has witnessed the country's primary nomadic lifestyle resist a drift into the cities for work. "The fall of communism, a resulting severe economic depression and the coincidental death of his famous horse-training father in 1990 persuaded my friend Jamsran Ganbold to move his wife and two children to the countryside," says Meta. 

He wanted to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors and work with horses. He has been successful and his string has won many medals in Mongolian races, known as Naadam. I've stayed with Ganbold and his family with six years and have been found a kindred spirit in him. He typifies the guardians of Mongolian traditions. His presence with others like him is revitalising Gun - Galuut nature reserve. They keep our poachers, build and repair fences and bird outlooks protect endagered species and ensure good grazing opportunities for the nomads' livestock. Responsible eco tourism provides jobs which are difficult to find young people without advanced education. Click here for more

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