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More than 42 countries are NO VISA for Mongolia
Posted by Selena Travel / Jul 02, 2014

Yeah! Such great news! After a change in visa regulation, Mongolia is more accessible than ever. Find out if you need a visa to Mongolia here! Mongolia's immigration department has relaxed tourist visa requirements for 42 nationalities, including: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech, Denmark, Estonia,

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10 Facts about Mongolia based on real experience
Posted by Selena Travel / Apr 28, 2014

Grace Jacobsen is a successful blogger on wordres s mostly write about facts, things that she experienced in her life. Recently she posted ab article on her blog about “10 facts people should know about Mongolia” based on her 4 years of live in Mongolia. This is a very interesting article & offers a great read. Here are some quick preview, she mentioned on fact # 1 – “It is in Asia not Africa”, #2, “They speak Mongolian, not Chinese”, #6 “There are people, not just animals” and so on. Please continue read the 10 facts below in detail.

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13 years old girl can be the next Eagle hunter?
Posted by Selena Travel / Mar 27, 2014

Kazakh people are one of the biggest tribe in Mongolia who lives in very far western Mongolia – Bayan-Olgii province. During a hard time back in 1900s, a few Kazakh family from Turkmen asked to live in Mongolia and Mongolians let them to live in Mongolian territory and tell where they live and herd their livestock – it was Bayan-olgii province - one of the last true wilderness areas of Asia, the stunning beauty of the magnificent Altai Mountains will be the backdrop for this extraordinary Eagle Festival, today.

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Does good weather help Genghis Khan to conquer half of the world?
Posted by Selena Travel / Mar 11, 2014

The academics, from Columbia University in New York had done some research and analyzed the trees in the Khangai Mountains of Mongolia and revealed that Central Mongolia saw one of the wettest and warmest periods for 1000 years - between 1211 – 1225 – the exact time of the Great Mongol empire rise of Genghis Khan. “He was one of the most feared warriors in history, waging bloody war across Asia and Europe. But Genghis Khan’s 13th-century rampage may have never happened had it not been for a spell of good weather. The leader of the Mongol armies ...

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Top Emerging Destination: Mongolia
Posted by Selena Travel / Feb 12, 2014

Everybody, especially avid travelers might know about Wanderlust Travel Magazine – a British travel magazine covering adventurous, cultural and special interest travel. Recently, at the end of the 2013, Wanderlust Travel Magazine announced “Wanderlust Readers’ Travel Award 2014”. The Reason why we’re talking about this award was Mongolia has been named as the "Top emerging destination" at the Wanderlust Travel Awards 2014. Find out why, and start dreaming about your Mongolia travel - we are here to guide you!

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Selena Travel completes “Toys & Books donation” to rural kindergarten of Mongolia
Posted by Selena Travel / Dec 26, 2013

At Selena Travel always strive to offer our helping hand wherever we can. As we’ve posted on our website, we’ve started 2013’s charity work to donate toys & books for the rural area’s kindergarten. We’ve asked for our tourist to bring some their children’s spare toys and books and we collected the toys & books until 31 Aug 2013. Thank you so much for all of travelers of Selena Travel who’ve chosen with us their tour ground organizer and travelled with us, staying with us for our charity and donation work for 2013.

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Is it safe to travel to Mongolia alone?
Posted by Selena Travel / Nov 19, 2013

Are you wondering whether it is safe to travel alone in Mongolia or not? Many of tourists ask this question from others on online community before they travel their first visit of counties including Mongolia. Here is an example: “I’m 20 years old female and never tried traveling on my own, and would like to be independent. Am planning to visit Mongolia on my own for a month, but is it safe?…

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New Mongolian Ambassador amazes Buckingham Palace with his dazzling traditional dress
Posted by Selena Travel / Nov 13, 2013

Mr. Narkhuu Tulga became Mongolia’s ambassador to the UK in Jun 2013; presented his Letters of Credence in traditional dress including his dazzling deel in royal blue – a traditional Mongolian double-breasted overcoat – was complemented by a matching hat and leather boots when he met the Queen Elizabeth II in Buckingham Palace on 13th November 2013. A Queen of United Kingdom said “How do you do… have you come far?” The Queen is used to being the most stylish person in the room. But when she met the Mongolian ambassador, she may have felt a little under-dressed.

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Selena Travel is expanding worldwide cooperation
Posted by Selena Travel / Oct 05, 2013

Chengdu is one of the biggest cities of China after Shanghai and Beijing with 16 million population and everyone knows that the city is famous with its’ cute Giant Pandas. We landed in Chengdu first time in the late evening of Sep 13 to participate next annual PATA trade mart. First impression was great, it looks like a big and modern. The next thing is to find our bus provided by PATA to pick up us at the airport and anyway, we found and met with friendly volunteers and they helped us to get to bus. ...

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Selena Travellers' trip article features on the Horseback magazine... even the cover
Posted by Selena Travel / Jun 10, 2013

R.T and Terry Fitch are the Selena Traveller from USA who have joined horse riding and the Naadam festival trip in July 2012 for 8 days and this year, they’ve joined with us again and going to do tailor – made and private Tibet horse trekking and Xian, Chongqing of China tour for 17 days from 15 Jun 2013. The Horseback Magazine featured Terry’s award winning photo as magazine cover...

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