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Celebration of 20th anniversary of Selena Travel

Posted by Selena Travel / 06 15, 2024

 2018 will be a remarkable year for the Selenians! Challenging, learning and fulfilling 20 years have passed since the first foundation stones of Selena Travel group have been laid, back in 1998. To remember and treasure the journey we have taken so far, everyone at Selena Travel will be celebrating this special milestone throughout a series of events, including team bonding events, social outreach & giving back to the community activities, Gun Galuut local community-based festival and much more.

Here are lists of activities that will be happening throughout the year at Selena Travel Group:

March- Team Bonding Month

It is impossible to imagine a tour operator, let alone a successful one, without reliable and professional tour guides and driver captains! These guys are the heart and soul of every unforgettable journey taken by our travelers for the past 20 years. Therefore, we are dedicating the month of March for our tour guides and drivers and organizing a series of events and competitions for our office staff and field staff.

•        Who is more equipped than the field staff to come up with mind-blowing and fun ideas when it comes to new products? In order to encourage the creativity and engagement of our field staff, Selena Travel has successfully organized a Creativity Competition within our tour guides and drivers on 10th March. This competition is the first of series of competitions to be held in 2018, with photography and video competition to be held in August.

•        On 24th March, a sports day will be organized for all Selena Travel staff. During this fun day, everyone`s sportsmanship, speed, agility and team-building skills will be tested in volleyball and basketball match.

April- Environmental Awareness Month

•        Although we have been seeing lots of improvements in waste management in recent years, there are still a lot needs to be done. Therefore, during month of April we will focus on raising environmental awareness within Mongolian tourism industry and encourage others to adopt responsible tourism practices. To begin with, we will be cleaning up some of the most popular tourist destinations off their trash near the capital in cooperation with university students, in hopes to start a chain reaction within the industry.

May- Giving back to the community Month

•        The month of May will be dedicated for giving back to community via various events and activities including organizing a field trip for school children of suburban districts. As these children are often underprivileged and so isolated from opportunities to learn about Mongolian culture, traditional way of living and nomadic lifestyle, it would be a great experience for these kids to learn about Mongolian tourism industry, significance of nomadic lifestyle and just enjoy a day out in the countryside.

•        We take a lot of pride in being ambassadors of Mongolia and introducing our culture and history to international travelers. However, we also believe that a lot of Mongolians do not get the chance to familiarize themselves with our rich culture and history. Therefore, in the month of May, we will be creating a chance for physically disabled citizens to enjoy the museums of Ulaanbaatar with professional tour guides and learn more about their ancestry and the past.

September- Gratitude Month

•       As it is our tradition, the annual Nomads day festival during which the local community proudly exhibits their lifestyle, horsemanship and rich culture for travelers all over the world, will be organized on 17-18th of September in Gun Galuut Nature reserve. In addition to the Nomads day festival, Selena Travel will be hosting a gala dinner event for our long-time domestic and international partners as well as our staff, to show our gratitude for everyone`s continued support and cooperation over the last 20 years, without which we would not be where we are today. The gala dinner will be held on 19th September, in Ulaanbaatar.

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