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5 Useful Tips for Transferring Through the Beijing Airport
Posted by Selena Travel / Jan 31, 2020

One of the cheapest ways to get to Mongolia is transferring through the Beijing airport. While it’s easier to get to Mongolia than China for most Westerners, there are still a few things to know to make your trip through the airport easy.

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5 Useful Tips for Stress-Free Travel in Seoul’s Incheon Airport
Posted by Selena Travel / Jan 09, 2020

As one of the options for a layover on a trip to Mongolia, Incheon is a great airport to have a layover in. For those coming from North America, it’s one of the best options for a stress-free trip. Follow these five tips in the airport to make the best of your layover before coming to the land of Chinggis Khan.

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The Last Wild Horse on Earth – the Amazing Story of the Takhi
Posted by Selena Travel / Jan 01, 2020

Before human beings came to Eurasia, many varieties of horses roamed in herds over the vast steppes of the continent. In vast herds, with complex societies and feeding on the seas of grass, they lived and died for centuries. Eventually, mankind roamed in and developed a relationship with one particular species. Humans started to domesticate equus ferus around 4000 BCE.


After another thousand years, this species, equus ferus, started to become more widespread. They outcompeted the other wild horse species, and one by one, they went extinct. The domesticated horse was the last horse standing. Except for one species. A hardy, little black and tan horse called Przewalski’s horse, or the takhi, managed to survive in what is now Mongolia. 

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20 Interesting Facts About the Gobi Desert
Posted by Selena Travel / Dec 19, 2019

The Southern Mongolia is widely known for its Gobi Desert, one of the world’s unique ecosystems and best kept secrets. The region is famous for its unique nature formations, many places of real dinosaur fossils, and many endemic flora and fauna. A trip to Mongolia is not complete without a visit to the Gobi Desert. Here are 20 interesting facts about the Gobi Desert.  

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15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Dukha People
Posted by Selena Travel / Dec 12, 2019

Capturing many peoples’ imaginations, the Dukha, Tsaatan or reindeer people, live in the beautiful area North of Lake Khuvsgul in Mongolia. They are an enigmatic group; being relatively unknown because of the remoteness of the lives they live in the boreal forest. Read on to learn 15 facts about this group of people living as they have for centuries. 

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Top 5 Adventure Travel Mongolia Ideas
Posted by Selena Travel / Nov 28, 2019

With some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, Mongolia is a great adventure travel destination. It’s rugged countryside and helpful locals will help ensure that you have a good time at whatever level of risk you’d like to take. From Easy day hikes to life-changing, multi-day survival exercises; Mongolia has you covered. Here are five of the best Adventure Travel ideas to get you inspired to visit!  

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5 Best Tourist Attractions in Northern Mongolia
Posted by Selena Travel / Nov 21, 2019

A little wilder, greener, and more densely forested than the usual treks around Central Mongolia; the Northern provinces are a great destination. You can see eagles bigger than your pet dog, pristine lakes and even stay in a teepee. Many of these destinations are not too far away from Ulaanbaatar, making them a little easier to plan for your travels to Mongolia.

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Great Gobi 6 and reasons why you need to know about them
Posted by Selena Travel / Nov 14, 2019

If you’re interested in wild life, exotic travels and animals then you might’ve heard about the Big 5 of Africa. However, have you ever heard of the Great Gobi 6? In order to keep the wildlife and ecosystem of the gobi system, the WWF has started an initiation called Great Gobi 6, a project determined to spread awareness of the importance of the animals living in the gobi desert and try to save them from being extinct.

In Mongolia, where the people still keep the nomadic lifestyle and keep the nature as original as possible, it’s no wonder that some of the last truly wild animals live only in Mongolia. Especially the Gobi desert, which is believed to be the home of the dinosaurs, is where most of these animals live. When I say wild animals, I mean the authentic wild ones- their ancestors used to live next to the real dinosaurs. That is one of the reasons why Mongolian Gobi is called the door to the fairytale- just about five hours of drive from the city, you would setting your foot  in a place that have been the exactly same for about tens of thousands of years. Obviously, the revolutions have come and gone, but one thing is for sure- you wouldn’t be encountering one flashy advertising sign or skyscrapers that block your view. It may sound pretty scary in that way, but as long as you’re prepared enough- all that time and risk would be worth it.

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5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Mongolia
Posted by Selena Travel / Nov 07, 2019

Mongolia is a country filled with gorgeous sites and memorable adventures. From dry deserts to snow capped peaks, and historical museums to cultural interactions, there’s so much to see and do while visiting here that will help you grow as a traveler and as a person.


It helps to know the best attractions in Mongolia before you plan your trip. That way, you can be sure you’re hitting all the right marks on your journey, and you can come prepared for the activities.


So, here are the five best tourist attractions in Mongolia and what there is to do there.

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How to Travel to Mongolia?
Posted by Selena Travel / Oct 31, 2019

There are a few ways to visit Mongolia, but leave your boats at home. Mongolia is a landlocked country in Central Asia, so unless you plan on transporting it over land, you’re going to have a hard time. The two main options are overland routes or taking a flight. That doesn’t mean that getting here has to be a slog. Here are some Mongolian travel tips to help you have a pleasant journey.


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