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3 Best Ger Camps in the Gobi Desert
Posted by Selena Travel / Apr 03, 2020

The Gobi Desert is one of the most beautiful areas in all of Mongolia. The two best times to visit Mongolia is the summer, where you can really experience the Mongolian Desert.

The vast dunes spreading out around you will put you in awe. Seeing the life that can survive in the harsh environment is exciting, and there are a number of natural features to visit. There are also fossils and tours where you can see where dinosaur eggs were first found!


The best way to experience all of this is in a traditional Mongolian yurt, or ger. These cute, round little structures have been used by nomads for centuries. They typically have a stove in the middle and a couple cozy beds inside. You can look up at the sky through a window in the top while you’re cozy in bed.

They rarely have a bathroom inside, though, so late-night bathroom trips will require you to leave your cozy ger.


Choosing a ger camp can be difficult though. Each year there are more to choose from in the Gobi region. Here are three of the top choices for staying in a ger camp in the Gobi Desert.

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5 Things That Will Surprise You About Ulaanbaatar
Posted by Selena Travel / Mar 28, 2020

While most people’s first stop in Mongolia is Ulaanbaatar, people often get out as soon as they can. That’s disappointing. It means missing out on a lot of great things in this city.


There’s plenty to see and do in this city of 1.5 million people, from clubbing to relaxing at a spa. We have compiled a list of things that would surprise you about the capital of Mongolia, and some suggestions on places to visit if you visit Mongolia.

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11 Facts About Chinggis Khan’s Life
Posted by Selena Travel / Mar 21, 2020

While Chinggis Khan, or Genghis Khan, is world famous as one of the most successful conquerors in history, there is more to him than that.

Despite the fact that he lived so long ago, there is a surprising amount we know about his life.

Many of these are from The Secret History of the Mongols, and others are facts from modern Mongolia.

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5 Facts About Karakorum, Mongolia’s Ancient Capital
Posted by Selena Travel / Mar 13, 2020

Karakorum was the capital of the Mongolian Empire at its height.

From this city, Chinggis Khan’s son Ogedei Khan ruled one of the largest empires the world has ever known.

Today, you can visit this historic site and see where history was made.

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Women’s role in the Modern society of Mongolia
Posted by Selena Travel / Mar 05, 2020

According to the gender gap report written by WEF, Mongolia has ranked 79th out of the 153 countries that have been studied.


In 2006, we were ranked 46th.

What has happened over the decade that has worsened the country’s ranking by a whole 33 places?

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Moscow Airport Travel Tips
Posted by Selena Travel / Mar 01, 2020

Moscow is an option for transferring your flight into Mongolia. If you are interested in visiting Mongolia, you could choose one of the three or four airports in the city to transfer through.

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3 Most Amazing Winter Festivals in Mongolia
Posted by Selena Travel / Feb 06, 2020

While it’s always a good time to visit Mongolia, if you come to catch one of the World-Famous festivals you won’t be disappointed. We’ve selected three of the best ones for tourists to visit.

These annual festivals happen mostly in early spring, so if you want to avoid peak travel times (and peak travel costs), you can do some awesome activities whenever your schedule allows!



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5 Useful Tips for Transferring Through the Beijing Airport
Posted by Selena Travel / Jan 31, 2020

One of the cheapest ways to get to Mongolia is transferring through the Beijing airport. While it’s easier to get to Mongolia than China for most Westerners, there are still a few things to know to make your trip through the airport easy.

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5 Useful Tips for Stress-Free Travel in Seoul’s Incheon Airport
Posted by Selena Travel / Jan 09, 2020

As one of the options for a layover on a trip to Mongolia, Incheon is a great airport to have a layover in. For those coming from North America, it’s one of the best options for a stress-free trip. Follow these five tips in the airport to make the best of your layover before coming to the land of Chinggis Khan.

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The Last Wild Horse on Earth – the Amazing Story of the Takhi
Posted by Selena Travel / Jan 01, 2020

Before human beings came to Eurasia, many varieties of horses roamed in herds over the vast steppes of the continent. In vast herds, with complex societies and feeding on the seas of grass, they lived and died for centuries. Eventually, mankind roamed in and developed a relationship with one particular species. Humans started to domesticate equus ferus around 4000 BCE.


After another thousand years, this species, equus ferus, started to become more widespread. They outcompeted the other wild horse species, and one by one, they went extinct. The domesticated horse was the last horse standing. Except for one species. A hardy, little black and tan horse called Przewalski’s horse, or the takhi, managed to survive in what is now Mongolia. 

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