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Hidden Gems in Ulaanbaatar- Where To Go on Your Night Out?
Posted by Selena Travel / Feb 22, 2019

Even though Mongolia might not be popular for its music or entertainment values, there are handfuls of places where you can jazz up your nights. Be it in a small indie club with local youngsters or classy jazz club where professional musicians perform, one thing is for sure- there’s no way you can spend your few nights in Ulaanbaatar hiding out in your hotel room!

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Mongolian Carving Art
Posted by Selena Travel / Feb 15, 2019

Even though wood carving is usually neglected by most of the dabblers due to its inability to last long and the way they’re much more fragile than its metal cousins, Mongolian carving art is something that simply can’t be overlooked. Quite similar to other countries, artisans have been carving decorations into their daily utensils such as their cupboard, cart, musical instruments and most commonly the place they live- “ger”. Since the shelter they spend most of their time is made out of wood, it’s no wonder why the people have started wondering how to make their home fancier and more comfortable. Since then, the simple wooden carvings have developed into much more complex, thus aesthetically pleasing art which cannot be separated from Mongolians’ daily life. That is mainly because the carving art has taken homage in almost every aspect of their life.

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The Foods of Mongolia
Posted by Selena Travel / Jan 25, 2019

One of the most exciting aspects of visiting a new place is trying the food. In Mongolia, there are really only two types of food: countryside food and city food. Countryside food consists of traditional Mongolian food. Traditionally, Mongolians have been herdsmen and dairy producers. Agriculture has never been a large part of Mongolia’s history, mostly because of the country’s harsh climate. In the wintertime, most of the country drops to temperatures averaging around -30 degrees Fahrenheit, thus, meat and dairy have been the main aspects of Mongolian cuisine.

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Things You Should Know About Travelling To Mongolia During The Winter
Posted by Selena Travel / Jan 17, 2019

I don’t mean any offence here, but Mongolian winter is not for the weak hearted. But it is no reason to shy away from the astonishing landscape that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into the wonderland.

Even though Mongolian weather seems to be too cold to travel in numbers, it’s actually not that cold in real life since our weather is really dry. It means that even though the air temperature can get pretty low in numbers, with lack of water particles in the air and strong wind, you’ll be fine as long as you bundle up enough. However, it might not be the wisest idea to stay in the city while you’re staying here since the capital city- Ulaanbaatar’s air pollution is quite bad.

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3 Reasons to Watch Mongolian Ballet
Posted by Selena Travel / Jan 09, 2019

Mongolia and ballet might not go well in your mind if you don’t have a lot of information about Mongolia and only imagine it being a vast land where the residents live in the yurt in the freezing cold. If so, I strongly recommend you to go deeper into our blogs!

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Facts about Mongolian language, good luck with your tongue!
Posted by Selena Travel / Dec 21, 2018

If you have ever heard people conversing in Mongolian, and thought that it’s unlike any other language you’ve ever heard- don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Mongolian language is an Altaic language which means that only Turkic and Tungusic languages are in one group with it. Some studies have added Japanese and Korean language in the group too, but most of the authors disagree on this one.

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4 Reasons Why Mongolia Would Be Perfect Place For Photo Shooting
Posted by Selena Travel / Dec 13, 2018

People travel for various reasons. To get some rest, to see that one famous castle with the most memorable architecture style, to feel their youth or to congratulate themselves after long years of work. But one thing that all brings them together- photographs. Whether it is the “finding yourself” trip for yourself or a fun get together with friends, there is not a single person who doesn’t snap a picture or two when they are in that signature building or in front of that famous graffiti. Especially in the social media crazy generation like today, high quality pictures with good background are a must. Whether you’re doing a film shoot, boho-style short film or even just trying to step up your Instagram game- Mongolia is the perfect destination. It might seem too over board to travel to one place just for the picture, but you know what they say. Do it for the gram, right?

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Making a history- Selena Travel Group 20th anniversary
Posted by Selena Travel / Dec 07, 2018

2018 has been a truly remarkable year for everyone at Selena Travel. It has been a year of reminiscing, remembering, learning and most importantly cherishing our 20 years of journey with all its challenges, fails and successes. It was with a vision to create a company and a brand that will represent the real Mongolian experiences and beauty in international tourism industry, Mr. Batbold, the founder of Selena Travel group, has established the company back in March of 1998, with a single desktop computer in a rented studio. Just like many startup companies at the time, Mr. Batbold was playing all the roles in the company by himself, from sales manager, marketing manager to tour guide.

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Travel Blog series by Heather Caveney: Sites to visit during your time in Ulaanbaatar
Posted by Selena Travel / Oct 03, 2018

Anyone traveling to Mongolia will generally have a couple afternoons or a full day in the Ulaanbaatar during which time they can visit or explore some city sites. Here is a list, in no particular order, of the places I’ve visited and can recommend. I’d select the ones that meet you or your party’s interests.

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Travel Blog series by Heather Caveney: Khuvsgul- A Lakeside Paradise in the Northern Mongolia
Posted by Selena Travel / Sep 04, 2018

After the Gobi Desert, I’d say Lake Khuvsgul is next on the “Must See List” for Mongolia--it’s beautiful, crystalline blue waters are stunning! It’s in the opposite direction from Ulaanbaatar and will also require some decisions about travel. The best time of year to visit is summer--June, July or August--with July being usually the warmest. August is the beginning of fall in Mongolia and can sometimes mean more rain than a visitor wants to contend with. You can visit before and after those three months but many camps do shut down for a part of fall, all of winter, and the start of spring.

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