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5 Reasons Why You Should Tour Mongolia With Selena Travel

Posted by Selena Travel / 06 15, 2024

Travelling to Mongolia is one of the most rewarding, inspiring and memorable experiences you will ever have.

The fascinating culture, gorgeous landscapes, unique varieties of food and hospitable people make it a true bucket list destination for anyone with a sense of adventure.

When you’re planning your trip to Mongolia it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the logistics of travel in a country where tourism infrastructure is still in its infancy. That’s where joining a tour with a professional company can be your best option!

Our team at Selena Travel are known as being the best in the business when it comes to licensed tour operators in Mongolia.

So if you’re looking for the right people to look after your amazing adventure in this magnificent country, here are 5 reasons why you should tour Mongolia with us at Selena Travel.

We Are The Experts In Mongolia Travel

Having been in the industry since 1998, and winning multiple tourism awards year after year, we have helped pioneer some of the best travel itineraries in Mongolia.

Our team of tourism professionals have explored Mongolia extensively, searching for perfect destinations and activities to showcase to our guests. We don’t want you to miss out on anything!

Twenty years of experience has given us the wonderful knowledge of what exactly visitors want to see and do, and along with our local partners around the country, we strive to deliver these as a quality product.

When you book a tour with Selena Travel, you can be guaranteed you’ll have an incredible holiday and completely looked after by professionals.

Support Responsible Travel

We love and are passionate about our home country as much as anyone, and have incorporated sustainability practices into our business to help protect it.

We support small and community-based businesses, and when we bring our guests on trips around the country we visit local families and enterprises to inject money directly into their economy.

A portion of our revenue goes towards the protection of the Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve, an area that we helped create and is now the biggest example of a responsible tourism development in the country.

In addition, we actively plant trees as part of the ‘Green Mongolia’ movement, helping to improve our amazing environment.

Besides that, we are 100% locally owned and operated, so you can rest assured the money you spend on one of our tours stays in the country, and profits don’t get funnelled off overseas to large international companies.

Our Guides And Drivers Are Experienced And Fully Licensed

We take great pride in the amazing work of our tour guides and drivers, and put them through the best training courses and schools to keep them at the top of their game.

They have years of experience providing tourists with impeccable experiences, and know exactly what people want when they’re on holiday. For them no question is too tough and no request is too unusual. They aim to please.

We ensure their licenses and credentials are always kept up to date, and put safety as the number one priority in all of their tasks.

What really sets them apart however isn’t just their experience and professionalism – it’s also their friendliness!

Every member of our exclusive team loves their job and are very happy to be meeting people from around the world every day. Their passion is to make sure you fall in love with Mongolia.

As such their enthusiasm shines through, and we encourage them to be their true selves around our guests.

You won’t find robots on a Selena Travel tour. You’ll find locals willing to crack jokes and laugh with you, and it’s not uncommon for our visitors to go home with lifelong friends in our guides.

We Give You The Time To Enjoy Your Vacation

We realise your vacation time is limited and you need to get the most out of every day, but we also know you want to have opportunities to rest or explore personal interests as well. After all, travel can be exhausting!

That’s why we design every Selena Travel tour itinerary to have ample breaks throughout each day, where you can hang out in your ger, read a book watching the sunset or go for a hike in the mountains.

Our itineraries are structured so that when we do stop at awesome attractions, you won’t feel rushed to get your photos and move on. We’ll give you sufficient time to enjoy each place before moving onto the next one.

Even the long drive days will be fun, with visits to nomad families or detours to unique natural environments thrown in to break up the ride. You’re sure to go home fulfilled, satisfied and relaxed after one of our trips.

Comfort, Quality And Adventure In One Package

We take the comfort and safety of our guests very seriously, and do everything in our power to make you feel completely at ease the entire time you’re with us.

Mongolia is still growing its tourism sector, and as such a lot of stories of travelling here comes with caveats of basic accommodation, long and uncomfortable car rides and unusual foods. We break that stereotype!

When you book a tour with Selena Travel you can rest easy knowing that every single night you will be resting your head in an amazing, clean bed, often in a traditional ger (a real highlight), and dining on the highest quality local food prepared by professional chefs.

We only use modern, air-conditioned four-wheel-drive vans for our transport, and refuse to overcrowd them. Even on the long, bouncy roads, you’ll feel completely at ease in them.

Comfort and quality is important to us, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on adventure either!

Mongolia is filled with amazing activities, such as hiking, camel trekking and sand dune climbing, and we want you to experience these as well, using our qualified and reputable local partners.

We’ll provide the best luxury travel in the country when you join us, so you can focus on the culture, adventures and landscapes that Mongolia is famous for.

These are just some of the reasons why you should tour Mongolia with us at Selena Travel! We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful country.

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