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Why visit Mongolia

You may find yourself asking "Why Mongolia?" 


Mongolia, the motherland of great Genghis Khan who built the mighty Mongol Empire back in 13th century, is located in the Central Asian plateau. Despite being landlocked between Russia and China throughout the history, Mongolia has existed millennia. Mongolia’s heroic, patriotic ancestors survived this harsh climate for generations, and developed a lot of culture.

Today’s Mongolia sits on a considerable territory. The country has an array of pristine landscapes and nomadic people whose lives in many ways are still unchanged from the past. Here, nomadic herders still depend on nature for their survival.

Mongolia’s priceless treasures like untouched wilderness, fresh air and water are cherished dearly by all the people of Mongolia. Happily for a traveler, Mongolian people are helpful, friendly and warm. The following are the top 10 reasons why you need to travel to Mongolia right now!

1.  See the The Gobi Desert. Dinosaurs’ native land where numerous dinosaurs remain including the first complete dinosaur egg was found.

2.  Mongolia is one of the last remaining authentic Nomadic culture and has unrivaled hospitality.\

3.  It is the home of Genghis Khan and one of the largest empires in world history.

4.  The Naadam Festival is one of the coolest and most unique sporting events in the world.

5.  Mongolia is also one of the most peaceful destinations for travelers.

6.  The country is host to pristine nature and abundant wildlife you can immerse yourself in.

7.  Mt. Khuiten and Five Holy Peaks of Altai Mountain Range are one of the most exciting hiking and mountain climbing destinations in the world.

8.  The famous Trans-Siberian Railway goes through Mongolia. You can take a train through 8 time zones and end up in one of the coolest capitals of the year.

9.  The New York Times and CNN included Mongolia in the “Travel Wish List”, and the country is still an amazing place to visit.

10.  Mongolia is Adventure Travel at its best – you can experience so many wild trips and tours all in one enormous country.

Mongolia today remains a place of natural and cultural diversity and offers endless possibilities of discovery and adventure for every kind of traveler. Mongolia is a land of marvels, waiting to be discovered by you!

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