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Unparalleled Adventure at Every Turn 
Mongolia’s diverse and pristine nature and nomadic culture gives visitors a superb opportunity to enjoy endless thrilling activities and adventures. Besides being the safest destination in the world, this country of unrivaled hospitable nomads, rolling steppes, sand dunes, high mountains and crystal clear waters has a great to offer to everyone from toddlers to elders. Visitors can enjoy such as nomadic culture experiencing, travelling historical paths, do sightseeing, monastery visiting, photography, wildlife viewing, star gazing, learn cooking nomadic dishes, etc and adventures like horseback riding, camel trekking, hiking, trekking, fishing, biking, kite flying, dog sledging, kite skiing to name a few!
Horse riding in Mongolia  
Mongolia has 20 million horses while the number of the Mongolians is barely 2.8 million. With its vast steppes and green valleys, Mongolia is a heaven for horse riders. The major horse riding destinations are Central, Northern and Eastern Mongolia.
Trekking, climbing or mountaineering and hiking 
Mongolia offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy trekking and hiking as well as mountaineering. Mountaineering and serious treks take place in the Altai Mountains in western Mongolia and some parts of Khangai mountains in the center. Hiking is available everywhere with plenty of amazing views and interesting wildlife viewing opportunities.
Kayaking and Rafting 
A few rivers in Mongolia offer white-water rafting such as the Chuluut, Tsagaan river etc. Kayaking can be done on any rivers or lakes, though most of the surface waters in Mongolia are located in the north and the central parts.
River Fishing 
Mongolia is a heaven for fine fishers with its 70 species of fish including the mighty Taimen (Hucho Taimen) and other game fish such as the Lenok, Siberian Whitefish, Amur pike and many more. Major fishing rivers are in the north (The Eg, Uur rivers and the rivers in the Darkhad Valley) and central (The Chuluut, Orkhon etc) parts, while a few rivers in the north east (The Onon, Balj, Kherlen etc) provide good fishery as well.
Bird Watching 
Over 450 species of birds, many of them are seen nowhere else… Wet land, prey, forest, desert birds are all observed here in Mongolia. Major birding destinations are: Lakes in the western Mongolia, Gun-Galuut nature reserve, Boon Tsagaan Lake, The Gobi, Central Mongolia and eastern Mongolian lakes.
Wildlife Viewing 
Snow leopard, Ibex, Argali sheep, Gazelle, Wolf, Brown bear, The Gobi bear, Wild camel called Khavtgai, Gerbils, Asiatic wild ass called Khulan, the Takhi wild horse and many more to view in Mongolia. The Gobi, the eastern Mongolian steppes, Hustai National Park, Gun-Galuut nature reserve, western Mongolian mountains and the Central Mongolia are all great for wildlife lovers.
Nomadic family visit
One of the main activity that you must do in Mongolia is visiting nomadic family. Mongolia is almost the last country where nomadic culture exists as its real concept like nomads move all year around and live in eco friendly accommodation called "Ger" and very welcome with guests and nomads hospitality is one of Mongolians' proud. 
Culture Experiencing 
Mongolian nomadic culture is unique as this nation has preserved what they had during their beloved Genghis Khan’s era till today. During the fall of the Great Mongol Empire, days of the China colonization and 70 years of communism, the Mongolians have cherished their culture. You can experience their culture; witness the nomads’ hospitality at every part of this wonderful country.

90% of the Mongolians are Buddhists and the country is as peaceful as the Shambhala. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama loves visiting Mongolia like the previous Dalai Lamas and other significant Buddhist saints. Mongolian Buddhism survived the communist regime and regained popularity and freedom after the democratic revolution in 1990.
Two Humped Bacrian Camel Riding in Mongolia 
2 humped Bactrian camels are more comfortable than their one humped relatives in Africa. Camel riding or even long treks are available in the famous Gobi Desert and Gobi Steppes in the southern part as well as a few places in the Central Mongolia.
Ox ride/ Ox Cart Travel
These interesting adventures are found in the Central, Northern and Western parts mostly. Sometimes yak oxen are used for riding and it’s ever more interesting!

Biking and Motor Biking 
Even though the Mongolians don't use bicycles as a means of transport like other Asian nations, it's a great place for biking. All parts are great for both biking and motor biking.
Souvenir and pure cashmere shopping
Most of Mongolia's economy is based on natural products. Hand woven carpets, leather, clothing and articles, woolen clothing, furs, cashmere, camel hari products, Mongolian oil and water paintings, and wooden toys, puzzles and games. There are a number of souvenir shops. The most popular items are paintings, antiques, handicrafts, carpets, books, cashmere, traditional Mongolian clothing, leather goods, wall hangings, puzzles, and postcards, snuff bottles and woodcarvings.

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