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Jun 15, 2024. 

Aug 11, 2010. Northern Mongolia customized trip Thank you Selena Travel for making our long awaited Mongolia visit an excellent, memorable trip. It has been absolutely wonderful and everything in Mongolia is great! This was one of the best travel experiences in my life and I've been to over 120 countries so far.

Maria and Jose. PHILIPPINES

Jun 15, 2024. 

Jul 11, 2012. Gobi & Karakorum customized 13 days tour with Naadam Festival Having arrived back home, I cannot thank you enough for arranging our unbelievable journeys in Mongolia! Please know that we were thrilled with each adventure, and I am hopeful that I can return again, as soon as next summer. We have memories as expansive as the lands we saw. In the Gobi, Bayarmaa was a lovely guide -- we especially appreciated her expertise when visiting the Flaming Cliffs. She also showed us nesting lammergeiers -- they are HUGE, and we were so grateful that she spotted them! Driver "Hulday" (pardon my spelling) was terrific. His Furgon was as clean as could be, and by taking dozens of photos through the crystal-clear windows, I have many wonderful sights of the nomads, dunes, animals, birds, and vast areas of that region. I was thrilled that my small luggage fit easily on the EZNIS flights. We also thought that the ger camps in the Gobi were among the best that we visited. ...

Karen and friends. USA

Jun 15, 2024. 

Aug 08, 2012. Gobi & Karakorum customized 11 days tour Sending you some of our nicer pictures. Some are chosen for their beautiful scenery while the rest are just us happily playing and goofing around. There are a couple of shots of us doing some Mongolian wrestling, as suggested by Oyuna since we missed out on the mini-Naadam festival. She said since we missed it, we might as well organise our own festival by playing some Mongolian games. Haha... We had so much fun playing those games!!! :)OK, I hope you like the pictures we send you. Best regards to everyone at Selena Travel and thank you once again for all your assistance.

Margaret Suganda. INDONESIA

Jun 15, 2024. 

Jun 21, 2011. Discover True Mongolia: departure Jun 21 - Jul 11 + Naadam add on We have recently returned to Australia after spending 21 days on a Discover True Mongolia Tour, visiting many parts of Mongolia on a 4,100 klm trip. This was a trip we thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish - it has also given us memories of the land and its people that we will hold in our hearts forever. Transport was provided in Mitsubishi Delica 4WD wagons, which provided both comfort and large clear windows, through which we could be guaranteed to see all the wonderful sights Mongolia had to offer. Our tour team consisted of an English speaking guide Joe, together with two wonderful drivers Sodoo and Huygaa. These three young men played a huge part in the fact that our trip was both enjoyable and memorable. Thank you Crys, Joe, Sodoo and Huygaa for the trip of a lifetime - we hope one day to return to your beautiful country.


Jun 15, 2024. 

Jun 21, 2011. Discover True Mongolia: departure Jun 21 - Jul 11 + Naadam add on Now that we are home in Thailand, we want to thank you for all of your help in arranging our Discover True Mongolia tour this past month. We had an absolutley fantastic time, from beginning to end, on our recent trip to Mongolia. Many thanks, too, go to our tour team of Joe, Sodoo and Hoyga. We could not have been more pleased and impressed with their constant attention to detail and comfort for their guests. We had so many good belly laughs with our group of travelers, tour leader and drivers; they made this trip a dream come true. We have long wanted to go to Mongolia and am so pleased to have seen and experienced all that we did with Selena Travel.

Debbie and Mike. USA

Jun 15, 2024. 

Aug 31, 2011. Discover True Mongolia: departure Aug 31 - Sep 20 Dennis and I made it home to Willsboro, NY with no problems. We had a really fun time in Mongolia. Everything was well taken care of by all of you at Selena Travel. Thank you so much. We have a lot of pictures to go through in the next few weeks. We will be sure and send you some of the best. Both Joe and Star did an outstanding job of guiding and are really good at getting along with all kinds of people. We hope that the Nomad Festival went well and that the rest of our tour group had a good time.

Alice Wand and Dennis Kalma. USA

Jun 15, 2024. 

Aug 31, 2011. Discover True Mongolia: departure Aug 31 - Sep 20 We hope this note finds you well and enjoying being home at Ulaanbataar! We wanted to send you a “THANK YOU!!” for all the arrangements you made on our behalf. Our “Discover Mongolia Tour” was wonderful. We enjoyed visiting the different towns and experiencing the beautiful scenery of Mongolia. We currently are touring in China. Afterwards, we will go to Australia, Dubai, Greece and Spain before we return to the USA in mid-November. When we do arrive home, we plan to put our photographs and trip diary on our website. We will contact you when the information is posted and confirm that it is okay if we include a link to Selena’s website. Also, we plan to send printed photographs to your attention to Selena’s office. They will include pictures of you, Joe, Jak, Bataa and Batcha. We will send enough copies and ask that you give each person in the photograph one of them. We will send you an email to let you know when we mail the package so that you will know when to expect to receive it. Again, thank you for all your efforts on our behalf!

Melinda and Edward Ruggiero. USA

Aug 12, 2002.  Mongolia Bird Watching report

This report is written from memory. Whilst I did keep an accurate list of the birds seen, I did not really pay attention to anything else, as I never had any intention of writing a trip report. Therefore, I cannot really comment much on accommodation, traveling times, etc.
This was not a birding trip per se. I went to Mongolia for two reasons: a) my mother was visiting me in China, where I worked at the time, and she had always wanted to go to Mongolia, and b) after a year in Beijing I needed to escape the maddening crowds of that city.
PS: This is our travellers travel report and all texts and photos are taken from their website. 

Hanno Stamm. UK

Aug 05, 2005.  Mongolia Bird Watching tour report

After a very successful trip to Mongolia in 2001, we decided to go again, this time with our respective spouses who lucked out last time. The party was made up of my parents, Ralf and Juliane, my wife Ha, and yours truly. Just like with our last visit, we used Selena Travel, they can be reached at Once again, everything was pretty well organized, apart from a couple of minor glitches; more on that further down. As only my wife and myself are birders, we did not book a hard-core birding trip. However, Mongolia is all about nature (not many cinemas and discotheques in the Gobi), so birding was possible everywhere.
PS: This is our travellers travel report and all texts and photos are taken from their website. 

Hanno Stamm. UK

Sep 05, 2005.  Fly fishing for Taimen trip - group with Mr. Galoy Gilbert

Hi Zola,  I just wanted to tell you that we had a fantastic time in your country. Baya the guide was excellent as were the drivers. I would have no hesitation recommending your company to anyone.

Gary Campbell. UK

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