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  • Selena Travel discovery journeys are dedicated for those wanting to explore Mongolia in depth, visiting the natural and cultural highlights of the ancient country including many amazing places that other tours do not cover. Our discovery journeys allow you to experience all of those remarkable manners.

    • Duration: 11 – 18 days
    From US$ 1990
  • Selena Travel cultural and community-based journeys are designed to convey the nomadic culture of the Mongols with authenticity and comfort together without affecting the local culture and people. Our authentic cultural journeys include visits to the old Buddhist monasteries, Great Naadam festival, and the visits to various Mongolian ethnic groups.

    • Duration: 8 – 10 days
    From US$ 1350
  • Mongolia with its vast valleys, endless steppe, high mountains and pristine waters, is a heaven for the adventurous spirit. Our active adventure tours include wide range of activities in the land of blue skies including horseback riding, meeting reindeer people, riding Bactrian camels and conquering the majestic Altai Peaks.

    • Duration: 3 – 15 days
    From US$ 395
  • Mongolia is a land of blue sky, vast valleys, endless steppe, high mountains, and pristine waters that is a home for many endangered creatures. Mongolia nature and wildlife tours suggest various activities including bird watching, wildlife safari and holidays in serenity.

    • Duration: 4 – 11 days
    From US$ 460
  • Are you looking for something special for your very special holiday? Mongolia is a land of mystery and our special interest trips are dedicated to honeymooners, photographers (wedding, wildlife, nature and lifestyle) and adventure seekers who’re willing to something very special, one and only thing in the world such as “A hundred to thousand horse drive”.

    • Duration:
    From US$ 6500
  • Our multi-country tours are designed for those wanting to explore Asia in depth combing the highlights of the countries with plenty of comfort and character. We offer these tours and enjoy the highlights of central Asia. Finally yet importantly, we can include the legendary Trans-Siberian train journey in your multi-country tour especially for you!

    • Duration: 4 - 15 days
    From US$ 2100
  • Many people think that Mongolian winter is unbearable cold and there's nothing to do and see. They’re all wrong. Selena Travel Mongolia offers you a range of flexible tours that are possible in both summer and winter. Our winter and short tours has various types of activities including horse and camel trek, monasteries visits, national parks visits etc.

    • Duration: 3 – 5 days
    From US$ 345

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