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Mongolia visa and assistance

Mongolia visa, visa of mongolia, mongolian visa
This page tells you more information about Mongolian visa or visas of Mongolia. Mongolian visa is not required by every tourist visiting the country, as due to some mutual agreements citizens of several countries need no Mongolian visa. If you are taking a Selena Travel tour your Mongolian visa invitation's included in your Mongolia travel packages. For those not travelling with Selena Travel, Solid Ways travel agency (a Selena Travel subsidiary) serves you with Mongolian visa support, helps you get a visa of Mongolia or official invitation for Mongolian visa. 

How to Get Mongolian Visa

Diplomatic representatives abroad and honorary counsels of Mongolia have the rights to issue to foreign citizens Mongolian visas. No official or private invitation is needed for a foreign citizen (except the citizens of Russia and China) applying for a Mongolian visa, If the duration of the visitors' stay does not exceed one month.

Citizens from following countries don't need to apply visa to visit Mongolia within 14 days to 90 days. 

             -  Citizens of Poland, Kazakhstan, do not require a visa for a visit not exceeding three month
             -  Citizens of Malaysia, Israel, do not need a visa for visit not exceeding one month.
             -  Citizens of Philippines are allowed to enter Mongolia for a visit not exceeding three weeks.
             -  Citizens of Singapore do not need a visa for visit not exceeding two weeks.
             -  Citizens of People`s Republic of China, Vietnam, Bulgaria and Romania, who has diplomatic and
             -  service passports, do not require a visa for visits to Mongolia.
             -  Citizens of Russia, Laos, Yugoslavia, Czech, Slovak who has diplomatic and service passports,
                do not require a visa for visits not exceeding three months.
             -  Citizens of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea and Republic of Korea, Thailand, Hungary, Turkey, who
                has diplomatic and service passports, do not need a visa for visits not exceeding one month.
According to resolution of Ministry of Tourism of Mongolia , more than 42 countries are not ***NO VISA*** to visit Mongolia until 31 Dec 2015. Find out more

All types of USA passport holders do not need a visa for 90 days 

List of countries without visa fee:

             -  India - All type of passports need a visa, no visa fees required
             -  USA- no visa for all type of passport holders, including A, H, J visas within 90 days. 
                 Visit more than 90 days need visa, service charge - $131, no visa fee required

Foreign nationals from other countries, which have no agreement on relaxing visa regime on the basis of reciprocity wishing to pay a visit to Mongolia for more than 30 days, should have an official or private invitation. The addresses where you can obtain visas Embassies, Missions and Consuls.

Follow the following steps and requirements to obtain a Mongolian visa from your nearest Mongolian Embassy:

            -  One copy of visa application form is required for Mongolian visas
            -  State clearly travel dates
            -  A valid passport must be produced
            -  For a group visa the Consular Section needs only passport of a tour leader and the rest of the clients
               should provide the following (nationality, sex, date of birth, passport number, date of issue, expiry date).
            -  3 recent passport size photos (3x4) should be attached.
            -  Self-addressed and registered Envelope is required in case visa applied by post.

All visas, except transit are issued by the Embassy. The normal time required for a visa of Mongolia to be processed is one week. But for a transit visa - 48 hours without any authorizations. The standard charge for a tourist visa is ~US$45 for single entry and US$60 per person for double entry visa, if you obtain the visa in advance. If you require the visa of Mongolia urgently or if you obtain your visa at the border points, you will need to pay US$105 per person.  Please note that the visa regulations have recently changed. It is now NOT possible to get visas at Mongolian borders or at the airport upon arrival. There have also been changes recently to Police Registration procedures. You are advised to find out up-to-date details from your Embassy or Consulate in advance.
Are you looking for an official agent that can give you official invitation letter for Mongolian visa for travel? 
Solid Ways travel agency - subsidiary of Selena Travel Mongolia must be your exactly the best choice. After you applying, we will give you the all necessary services for to make the letter of invitation to travelers to Mongolia and also give them all of the supports for invitation and also provide you Mongolian visa application form.
Getting invitation letter from Solid Ways travel agency will help you to get Mongolian visa easy and it is very simple. Please read and follow the instructions below.

How to get a Mongolian Visa support letter of invitation:
Before you ask us for invitation letter please check whether you need visa to Mongolia. According to some mutual governmental agreements, citizens of certain countries need to visa to Mongolia.
1.     Contact and give us your personal information through an email or fax message.
                            -          Full name /given name, surname/
                            -          Gender
                            -          Number of your valid passport
                            -          Passport Validity /expiry date/
                            -          Date of birth
                            -          Place of birth
                            -          Nationality
                            -          Citizenship
                            -          Address of the embassy or consulate, where you are applying for visa
                            -          Date of arrival and departure of Mongolia 
2.     Types of the Letter of Invitation 
                -      Solid Ways faxes the invitation back to you so that you can to go the Mongolian consulate or Embassy in
                        your country.
                -      Solid Ways will apply for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mongolia and fax the invitation to the
                        Mongolian consulate or Embassy in your country.
                -      Solid Ways will arrange to get your visa at the Mongolian Airport upon your arrival
Once you get the letter of invitation from us, please fill Mongolian visa applications form.
Where Mongolian Embassies? Mongolia has over 50 Embassies, Consulates, Permanent Missions, Trade Missions and Honorary Consulates. See addresses of Mongolian Embassies. 


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