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Dinosaur Native Land tour


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  • Southern Mongolian Highlights: Mongolia’s largest sand dunes at Khongor, the Bayanzag – Flaming Cliffs and Yoliin Am Gorge
  • Dinosaur fossil sites: Narandaats, Ukhaa Tolgod, Khermen Tsav, Zulganai
  • Ulaanbaatar sightseeing & the Giant Genghis Monument, amazing Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve
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There are about 80 species of dinosaur fossils has founded from the Mongolian Gobi and Mongolia is the second country after North America its dinosaur remains.
Once the bottom of ancient inland sea - the Gobi has many surprises including the very rich paleontological remains, unique natural rock formations, as well as a special range of flora and fauna not found anywhere else in the world. You will visit the magnificent dinosaur fossil sites of Bayanzag- the Flaming Cliffs, Ukhaa Tolgod, Khermen Tsav, Naran Daats, and Zulganai, which were once the haunt of enormous dinosaurs while you camp out under the stars in one of the most beautiful and stark regions on earth. This is a tour for everyone who is interested in dinosaurs and the secrets of the Gobi Desert.   

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Brief itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, city sightseeing tour
  • Day 2: Ulaanbaatar – Gobi Desert 
  • Day 3 – 4: Khongor sand dunes – Naran Daats 
  • Day 5 – 7:  Narandaats – Ukhaa Tolgod – Zulganai
  • Day 8:  Go to Khongor sand dunes 
  • Day 9: Khongor sand dunes – Yolyn Am Gorge 
  • Day 10: The Gobi desert – Ulaanbaatar 
  • Day 11: Departure from Mongolia 
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