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Endangered species in focus tour Hot


from US$ 550

Our Endangered Species in Focus tour provide you with full of opportunity to make your holiday unforgettable by enjoying wild and endangered mammals and birds in Hustai National Park and Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve.

Majestic Western Mongolia tour

Khyargas lake in Uvs province Mongolia


from US$ 2,880

Western Mongolia is famous for being home for a dozen ethnic groups of Mongolian and the Kazakhs. Renowned Altai peaks, various ethnic group and beautiful pristine nature are the characteristics of western Mongolia.

Hunting with Eagles in Mongolia New


from US$ 2,000

Hunting with Golden Eagles is 8-day adventure tour that will make you travel the time and experience the 3000 years old hunting with Eagles traditions in the majestic Altai mountains.

The Gobi of Dreams tour Hot New

Gobi Desert Tour Mongolia | Mongolian gobi desert | to travel to Mongolia


from US$ 1,230

Gobi of Dream tour presents the highlights of the most beautiful southern part of Mongolia including Bayanzag- world famous dinosaur site known as Flaming Cliff, dramatic Khongor sand dunes and gorgeous Yoliin am gorge.

Holiday with Mongolia's nomadic family tour


from US$ 1,270

Community based tour is designed to give the most authentic experience of nomadic culture in Mongolia while supporting the nomadic in a sustainable way without imposing negative impact in their lifestyle and culture.

Mongolia honeymoon tour New


from US$ 6,050

Mongolia honeymoon tour is based on very luxury accommodation in Ulaanbaatar & in the countryside. Alongside you feel the comfort in a very last nomadic country; you’ll visit to UNESCO world heritage sites, beautiful national parks, will see beautiful landscapes, meet with young nomad couples and interact with them.

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