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Nomadic family stay tour


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  • Nomadic Culture: Real nomadic way of lifestyle, to see how to make and dairy products
  • Elsen Tasarkhai sand dunes – Khogno Khan National park
  • Walking on the sand dunes, camel riding through the dunes
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One of main tourist attractions of Mongolia is Nomadic lifestyle as the nation has kept their unique way of life through the centuries, from the time the Mongols ruled the world. Even today, in the stimulating XXI century of science and technology, Mongolian nomads tend their livestock and move for good pasture all year around. This trip, we are offering, gives you an amazing chance to experience their culture, traditions and hospitality by living in their way of life in a Ger for a few days and share their own and unique happiness.

Mongolian people have maintained their nomadic lifestyle for centuries, still moving their camps on a regular basis to find fertile pasture to feed their livestock. It is fascinating to see how these people tend their animals in the extreme climate of Mongolia; how they make dairy products - an important part of their traditional diet, and how the Ger is still their "favourite" dwelling.

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