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Genghis Khan's birthplace tour


Tour grade: Easy

Style: Traveller

From: US$ 1,590
  • Oglogchiin Herem, Great Khan's birthplace Deluun Boldog, Rashaan Khad, Khaan's monument
  • Ulaanbaatar sightseeing & the Giant Genghis Monument, amazing Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve
  • Soft adventures: Horse riding, hiking and kayaking
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Taking part in this trip you will visit the legendary birthplace of Genghis Khan, the greatest warrior of all time. You will admire the beauty of the Eastern Mongolia, its wilderness and many historic sites connected to Genghis Khan, his childhood, his battles, his loves as well as his offspring'. This trip takes you to Oglogchiin Herem, the biggest graveyard of the 13th century Mongolian aristocrats, also Genghis Khan's Aurag city ruins, the Great Khan's birthplace Deluun Boldog, the Rivers Herlen and Onon, from which the Great Khaan once drank etc.,  

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Brief itinerary

  • Day 1:  Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, City Tour
  • Day 2:  Ulaanbaatar- Gun-Galuut
  • Day 3:  Gun-Galuut- Binder Soum, Khentii province
  • Day 4:  Binder- Deluun Boldog, Dadal Soum
  • Day 5:  Deluun Boldog - Gengis Khaan's Monument
  • Day 6:  Binder- Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve via Herlenii Hodoo Aral
  • Day 7:  Gun-Galuut- Ulaanbaatar
  • Day 8:  Departure from Ulaanbaatar
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