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Danshig Naadam Festival Tour


Tour grade: Easy

Style: Traveller

From: US$ 2,200
  • Mysterious Tsam Dance festival
  • Mongolian Naadam festival – archery, wrestling and horse races!
  • Small international group, visiting authentic nomadic families and interacting with them
Tour Calendar
Mid-summer Danshig Naadam Festival tour will offer you the highlights of Mongolian cultural and natural wonders! In addition to the Three Manly games of Naadam festival, the horse racing, wresting and archery, you will also have the unique opportunity to experience the enchanting Tsam Dance (Ceremonial Masked dance). After the Danshig Naadam days, we will take you to the birthland of dinosaurs, the Mongolian Gobi Desert where you will visit the unforgettable the Flaming cliffs, the singing sand dunes and Vulture Gorge.  

Tour map

Brief itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrival In Ulaanbaatar
  • Day 2: Ulaanbaatar - Elsen Tasarkhai sand dunes.
  • Day 3: Elsen Tasarkhai – Karakorum.
  • Day 4: Karakorum - Hustai National Park.
  • Day 5 - 6: Danshig Naadam Days; Wrestling, horse race and archery.
  • Day 7: Ulaanbaatar - Gobi Desert - Yoliin Am gorge.
  • Day 8: Yoliin Am Gorge - Khongor sand dunes.
  • Day 9: Khongor sand dunes - The Vulture Gorge.
  • Day 10: Gobi Desert - Ulaanbaatar City - City tour
  • Day 11: Departure From Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
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