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Posted by Selena Travel / 05 24, 2024

Many think that Mongolian winter is unbearably cold and there isn't much to do and see in Mongolia during the winter. However, Mongolian winters are incredibly beautiful and there are plenty to see and enjoy! Glittering white snow, clear fresh air with sun shining almost everyday, and of course, adventure! In recent years, dog sledding tours are trending during the long winter in Mongolia. 

Dogs were and still are an important part of Mongolian nomadic lifestyle as they are good guardians of livestock and cattle in the countryside, and protect the livestock from predators like wolf, snow leopard etc. Mongolian shepherd dogs would allow nomads to take a good rest at night and ease their livelihood. While dogs have always played in key part in traditional life, the idea of dog sledding is relatively new idea for many Mongolians. Dog sledding hasn’t been a common experience for locals but thanks to introduction of a couple huskies packs, it’s now possible to experience dog-sledding on the frozen River Tuul and Terelj as well as other frozen lakes and river in Mongolia. It all began with Joel Rauzy from France who gave up his job on the aerospace programmer to pursue his passion for dog sledding. He trained few Mongolian guys for the training of dogs for sledding. 

As we look back on the history, dogs have been used more practically in Arctic than anywhere else in the world. Their thick fur and padded paws made them fit to survive in the cold and snow. The oldest archeological evidence of dog sledding has been dated to around 1,000 A.D. Archeologists tell that dog sledding was invented by the native and Inuit people in the northern parts of current Canada.

Since its first introduction in Mongolia, Joel and his team enabled this experience in Mongolia in Terelj National park. The tour route follows the frozen river of Terelj and Tuul in amazing Terelj National park, a beautiful of rock formation, rivers, valleys, forest and steppe. In 2015, Selena Travel team started working with dog sledding team, and since then we have been organizing tailor-made dog sledding tours for 2-10 days with overnight stays in Mongolian nomadic family. 

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