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Where, Oh Where, should you Eat in UB?

Posted by Selena Travel / 06 15, 2024

You will find no shortage of restaurants to enjoy in Ulaanbaatar. There are some well-established eateries around the city, both local chains and stand alones, but also plenty of new places popping up all the time. I am NOT a food critic nor a master chef; however, I like to eat--and prefer to eat good food--and have visited numerous restaurants in the capital.

Customer service in UB can be different from what one experiences in their home country--but I’ve seen it improving across my time here. If you need something (salt, water, the check?), get the server’s attention and ask! They are happy to bring you what you want or need, but may not anticipate it.

Before offering a list of potential options, the real question is what kind of food mood are you in?

What follows is a list of establishments I can recommend. Most of them are centrally located to the area around State Department Store (major landmark) or in Zaisan. Also, you can find information--hours of operation, location, perhaps the menu--via the Establishment’s Facebook page. I’ve requested the menu and made reservations via Facebook messenger (much of UB runs on Facebook!).

Mongolian: Modern Nomads (various locations), Cozy Nomads (Zaisan), Mongol Zoog (near State Department Store), Khaan Buuz (in front of State Department Store--cafeteria style, nice if you are in a hurry), Baroanda (In Zaisan, has a nice twist on traditional Mongolian Tsuivan--Spicy Tsuivan)

Mongolian food

Burgers: Ruby Room, Naadam (2nd floor of Shangri La Hotel), Baraonda (Zaisan), Hard Rock Cafe, California Restaurant

Pasta: Veranda, Terrazza, Route 22 (nearly every restaurant in UB has pasta options on its menu)

Sushi (please note that I do not enjoy sushi--these are restaurants recommended to me by friends and colleagues that DO): Bluefin (various), Sakura (2nd floor of Kempinski Hotel), Miko Sushi, Nagomi Sushi

Other Ethnic/International Cuisines: Amudarya (Uzbek), Nazca (Peruvian), Sultana (Turkish and Arabic), Mexikhan & Guantanamera (Mexican/Cuban), Namaste (Indian), Hazara (Indian), Sakura Bakery Cafe (Japanese), Huashin (Chinese), Le Triskell (French), Chervona Ruta (Ukranian--in Zaisan), Asiana (in Zaisan, serves Mongolian, Japanese, and Chinese)

Best places for Breakfast or Brunch: Rosewood Kitchen & Enoteca, Millie’s Espresso, Khan Deli Central Cafe, ROC Caffeine Bar, Los Angeles Lounge, Cafe Park (Shangri La Hotel)

Pizza: Round Table, Pizza Pazza, Vinotage by World Wine (this is a wine bar and therefore an adult location)

Best Patios/Rooftops: Celio Lounge in Galaxy Tower, Blue Sky Lounge (23rd floor), Premier Lounge (Best Western Tuushin Hotel), Irish Castle (Zaisan), Terrazza (Zaisan), and Veranda

If you have a mixed group and would like something for everyone, here are my recommended restaurants, in no particular order, with a diverse menu offering: Los Angeles Lounge, Millie’s Espresso, Broadway Restaurant, Route 22, Rosewood, Silk Road Bazaar, California, and Khan Deli.

If you’ve returned from a long day of touring or travel and don’t feel like heading back out to the streets, have no fear, we have an App for that! Download “” and you can have food delivered to you at your accommodation. It might require the help of your concierge or local guide to get your address saved, but after that it’s easy. Just be sure you have tugrik (MNT) on hand to pay Cash on Delivery and then ENJOY your meal while discussing the adventures of your day!

Written by Heather Caveney

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