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Top 5 reasons to join “Discover True Mongolia” tour

Posted by Selena Travel / 06 15, 2024

Top 5 reasons to join “Discover True Mongolia” tour

Planning a trip to Mongolia but not sure what to pick? No need to worry about it, Selena Travel Mongolia team has solved your problem already. Our “Discover True Mongolia tour” includes the most highlights of all destinations and activities you should try during your stay in Mongolia. Take a look at top 5 reasons why you should join this tour. 

1. Mix of highlights:  For you, not to miss the most recommended sights, we included all- in at our Discover True Mongolia departure such as Gobi desert- known as the birth land of Dinosaur, world’s 2nd biggest fresh water resource “Lake Khuvsgul” and the legendary Karakorum town which was the capital of Ancient Mongol Empire from the Chinggis khan area as well as Ongi monastery ruins from the Great Political Purge in 1930s.

2. Immersing into the in-depth culture of Mongolia:  Over 20 days trip with Discover True Mongolia, you will be able to witness the authentic hospitality of Mongols, while stopping at yak herder family for a cup of yak butter tea, enjoying warm conversation with the Reindeer tribe people, trying Mongolian traditional drink named “Airag –fermented mare’s milk” at the horse field, and tasting dried yoghurt from camel milk during your visit at the camel breeder family.

3. Capturing the golden moments: Be sure to prepare yourself and your camera for the unforgettable moments such as watching the starry sky through the top roof of your ger (yurt – Mongolian traditional dwelling), admiring the sunrise & sunset of the Gobi desert in the middle of nowhere, taking a deep breath on top of mountain hill with an astonishing view of Lake Khuvsgul so on

4. Discover yourself:  - It is not only about travelling through Mongolia, but also to experience the life – changing experience. Through this journey, you will learn about yourself and your value while learning about local people, their way of life and their connection with nature etc.

5. Contributing to the community – The investment you put to make this trip, goes directly to the local people, community and the country. Discover True Mongolia is a signature tour of Selena Travel and it is one of the longest departure tours. There is a huge involvement of locals such as tour guide, driver, horsemen, camel guide, ger camp staff, national parks etc.  By going on this tour, you are supporting the livelihood of many families and communities of south, north and central Mongolia. 

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