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Top Instagram Spots In Ulaanbaatar

Posted by Selena Travel / 06 15, 2024

When you first arrive into Ulaanbaatar, the incredible open spaces around the airport already provide a spot for epic pictures. However, throughout Ulaanbaatar (UB), there are several places where you can make your friends jealous about your travels. These spots all feature either beautiful nature, hip interior design, or amazing local art.

  1. Sweet Land

This bakery and café have a wonderful sitting area with dozens of flowers on the wall, and beautiful light colors. It looks picture perfect for a short photoshoot with coffee drinks. In fact, some locals use this place a backdrop for their photos. The modern aesthetic is enhanced with gold and glass accessories, and the pastel colors and faux marble paint on the wall lend a classy air. This charming bakery also has some of the best macarons and cakes in town. You can also choose from a broad selection of coffee, tea, and shakes to pair with your cake. From the outside it looks like a concrete shell, but once you’re inside, it’s a lovely oasis of sweets, comfortable seating and nice scenery.

  1. Zaisan Memorial

For one of the classic views of the city, stop off at the Zaisan Memorial. Situated on a hill in the South of the city, for a long time it was the highest elevated structure. It still provides a great view of the city. There’s also a beautiful mural there to honor the Mongolian and Soviet veterans who fought in WWII.  Great view of the city, and the memorial itself is cool. You can usually get a picture of yourself with an eagle with the city in the background. It’s one that can really show off the city. After you’re done, you can hike up Bogd Khan mountain, or head down to the Zaisan neighborhood for some fancy dinner.

  1. Turtle Rock in Terelj National Park

For a natural wonder, catch a bus or ride a taxi out to Terelj National Park and get a photograph with a rock shaped remarkably like a turtle. The aptly named Turtle Rock is located in the middle of Terelj National Park. You can climb it if you want, but mostly you can enjoy the beautiful scenery around you. The rocky hills and forested areas can provide for some fun selfies with a lot of opportunities for posing on the rocks and trees. There is a dinosaur statue park next door as well. It’s a great chance to honor the finds of Mongolian paleologists. The numerous ger camps can provide some refuge or nourishment for a couple hours when you need a break to freshen up. You can also stay overnight and get some amazing sunrise photos in the valley.

  1. Nitro-B Coffee

Just around the corner from Sukhbaatar square, there are two shipping containers stacked on top of one another. As you get closer, you can see a nice patio and pass by walls of street art. When you go inside, you’re greeted with a smile, and some great coffee, good snacks and plenty of spots to get yourself a good selfie with a pot of coffee or tea and your Lonely Planet Mongolia guide.

  1. Shangri-La Hotel Lobby

For those interested in some of the finer things, visit the Shangri-La Hotel lobby. When you enter the revolving doors, you enter into a world of fine art, and beautiful architecture. You can get a coffee in the lobby, or in one of the restaurants upstairs, though you may want to get a picture near the massive stairs or lounging in the lovely chairs.

Wherever you go in Mongolia though, you’re bound to find some beautiful scenery and take some amazing photos! Make sure to pack a portable battery though, you’re going to want a full battery in case you find another place!

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