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Today is Ulaanbaatar city's 375th birthday

Posted by Selena Travel / 10 28, 2014

Happy Birthday to Mongolia's capital city ‪Ulaanbaatar‬! The first stones of the city were placed some 300km west from current location, and the city moved for 20 times as a true nomadic city before settling into today's location in 1778. Since its foundation in 1639 the city was named several times such as Urguu, Khuree, Niislel Khuree etc, and after proclaiming the People's Republic of Mongolia it was named their capital as #Ulaanbaatar (not Ulan Bator anymore) meaning RedHero (lots of communist influence here). Ulaanbaatar today is a vibrant city of more than 1 million residents. The friendly city reflects a close and sometimes amusing juxtaposition of nomadic traditions and modern society, perhaps best summarised by her skyline dotted with both Gers (traditional Mongolian felt dwelling) and towering skyscrapers. Welcome to Ulaanbaatar!  (We don't own the photos.)

Gandan Monastery - a famous attraction in Ulaanbaatar for travellers  and  a center of Buddhism in Mongolia 

Ulaanbaatar city in early 19th century

A capital city - Ulaanbaatar during socialism which was used to call as "Asian White Angel" because of all buildings were white. 

Today, Ulaanbaatar is an urban city of nomadic Mongolia. 

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