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Selena Travel presents the company in the EATOF 2005

Posted by Selena Travel / 04 20, 2024

Sales manager of Selena Travel took part in the annual East Asian Inter-Regional Tourism Forum in Jilin, China from 2-4 September 2005 upon the invitation of the governor of Tuv province of Mongolia. She presented the company and the tourism industry of Mongolia in the forum. East Asia Inter-regional Tourism Forum is a voluntary, self-financing association; the first type of international cooperation body in East Asia among provincial governments for tourism promotion, bringing together provinces and regions from throughout East Asia that was founded in Gangwon Province, Korea in 1999. The nine founding EATOF members are Cebu Province (Philippine); Chiang Mai Province (Thailand); Gangwon Province (Korea); Jilin Province (China); Primorsky Territory (Russia); Sarawak Province (Malaysia); Tottori Prefecture (Japan); Tuv Province (Mongolia); and Yogyakarta Special Province (Indonesia). These provinces are represented by senior delegations of academics, tourism officials, and business people led by governors or vice-governors at the annual EATOF meeting whose location is rotated among the members every year. There is a collective commitment to encourage further growth of EATOF and its related activities; implementation of a variety of bilateral agreements; and to broaden the future scope of inter-regional cooperation in the fields of tourism, culture, arts and sports.

It is said that "tourism" will be one of the most important strategic industries in the 21st Century. With the development of the aerospace and telecommunication industries, the number of tourists will drastically increase in the new century.

The present is a time when North East Asian provincial governments should make tourism promotion strategies, developing their own characteristics and make concerted effort instead of individual effort in order to survive in the competitive world tourism market. The demand for such inter-regional cooperation to maximize joint tourism promotion will be further escalated with the advent of new millennium. While utilizing regional airports as travel hubs linking inter-regional tour programs with easy connections, East Asia in the 21st Century will witness a rapid expansion in the inter-regional tourism. 
The cooperation of inter-regional tourism in East Asia will be able to complement the limits of individual regions by topological as well as cultural characteristics, thus giving opportunities and conditions to promote tourism in the region as a whole.

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