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How do Mongolians welcome New Year?

Posted by Selena Travel / 04 20, 2024

New Year holiday(Solar) is a fairly new and more of Soviet oriented holiday for us Mongolians!! It is celebrated on December 31st, every year, all over Mongolia, even out in the herder’s dwelling called “ger”.  /PS: Photo in the left side by Mongol Content/

Besides the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, street light decoration, the most important concept of New Year holiday in Mongolia is about partaking in a company or organizational night party event which is purposed to tie coworkers, bonding in the organization, sum up the ups and downs from the past year and wish all the best and success for the upcoming year and surely to enjoy the night with delicious food, good music, and fun games. Such event takes place in a big fancy restaurant and all the staff should dress up really elegant. Furthermore, we have big feast as a family on the New Year ’s Eve and kids get gifts from their parents. This is how it is celebrated in the city.

Herders in the countryside also give such importance to this holiday. On the New Year’s Eve (Dec 31st), all neighbors from nearby area gather together inside a ger and set a New Year holiday table with salad, traditional food called “Buuz”, many type of candies and special drinks including: sparkling wine, alcohol etc. They also greet the New Year by watching the President’s speech on TV.

What makes this holiday special to Mongolians are mainly the factors above mentioned; to strengthen tie between families, friends and colleagues, a big day for feast and lastly to feel the excitement and the energy of old and new year shifting moment.

Happy New Year to everyone! May this year be the best of all!  

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