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Selena Travel completes “Toys & Books donation” to rural kindergarten of Mongolia

Posted by Selena Travel / 07 19, 2024

At Selena Travel always strive to offer our helping hand wherever we can. As we’ve posted on our website, we’ve started 2013’s charity work to donate toys & books for the rural area’s kindergarten. We’ve asked for our tourist to bring some their children’s spare toys and books and we collected the toys & books until 31 Aug 2013.

Thank you so much for all of travelers of Selena Travel who’ve chosen with us their tour ground organizer and travelled with us, staying with us for our charity and donation work for 2013.

Special thanks to Patricia & Samual, David Tjan, Angela Arrameda, Karin Cheung & Cynthia Operio, David & Klairawee Miller, Bindi Orietta Renata & Constanza Gualtiero Piero, Caterine, Asok, Thai Nguyen, Minh, Lara, Tom, Franz, Jeanne, Jonathon, and Erica, Lavonne, Julie Simpson, and Faith Booth.We’ve chosen rural kindergarten in the most fast east Sukhbaatar soum of Sukhbaatar province. It is completed now and we’ve made some report video of charity work.

The little story how we’ve chosen the kindergarten to donate the collected toys& books is below.  

“Mrs. Ulziisaikhan. J is managing director Sukhbaatar soum’s kindergarten, a very hardworking, enthusiastic, strong woman who was born to educate little children at rural area.

She was born to younger girl of seven children at Jamyan’s family. When she was 6 years old, she lost her mother and when she was at secondary school, her father passed away and left with their siblings. At that time, most of her brothers and sisters have been married and she grew up almost by herself.

The life, she passed through and hard times that she got at her young age gave her the influence to connect with kindergarten and children. Her only wish was to help rural area’s children, give them a very good education and knowledge.That’s why she enrolled to collage to become a teacher at kindergarten. Like others, she didn’t follow the urbanization, didn’t stay in a big city for a better life. As long as she graduated her school, she went back to her town which is located 600 km away in the far east of Mongolia as a teacher in village’s kindergarten.

About 3 years ago, she is promoted as kindergarten’s managing director. As long as she became and directory, she started to make her dream go bigger. She got an IDEA to expand the kindergarten with capacity for only 50 children into 100 – 150 children and met so many people or companies to get donation for the kindergarten’s construction work. As a favor of many good people and mining company in her town, she could collect enough money donations to reconstruct the kindergarten’s old building. No money was spent by local administration while the kindergarten is still state owned. She made it! Now, the kindergarten has a capacity to receive 150 children. All over the places of Sukhbaatar soum, nomadic’ families children aged 2 - 5 years old are studying there.

No money is given by local government to buy toys & books for the kids. Mrs. Ulziisaikhan. J’s great effort and her soul for the kids are the reason why we donate toys & books which is donated by Selena Travellers (our tourists).

To look how happy were the children when they received our donation, we’re so thankful to our dear travelers. 

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