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9 Reasons You Need To Visit Mongolia Right Now

Posted by Selena Travel / 07 19, 2024

Are you itching to get out on the road? Happen to be hungry for a fresh, under the radar destination that boasts adventure and leisure activities alike? Well, we’d like to make a case for Mongolia.

This gorgeous country bordered by China and Russia is bursting with things to do and sites to see.

For restless travelers on the hunt for new experiences in incredible places, meeting some of the world’s last reindeer herders and taking in amazing views in the Gobi Desert should satisfy your wanderlust for quite some time.

Below are our top reasons you need to visit Mongolia right now.

1. Visit With Nomads

If you travel to Mongolia, you have the opportunity to meet nomadic reindeer herders. Residing in the northern region of the country, the Tsaatan people migrate between seasons, with their herd of reindeer in tow.

When you visit, you can witness how they use their furry family members to make dairy products and ride between locations.

The Tsaatan Reindeer herders are some of the last in the world, so this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see an ancient practice in action.

Experience Authentic Nomadic Life: Photo from Visiting Nomadic Families in MongoliaVisiting Nomadic Family in Mongolia, photo by Mark Cunich

2. Ride A Camel In The Gobi Desert

One awesome reason you need to visit Mongolia right now is to knock something quite cool off your bucket list: riding a camel in the desert (when we said cool, we really meant hot).

Yes, in Mongolia you can hire a camel and trek through the Gobi Desert on multi day excursions.

This adventure will have you navigating over sandy dunes, trodding where major dinosaur fossil discoveries have previously been made, and observing some very cozy and warm-toned sunrises over the reddish terrain. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

Nomadic married couple crossing huge sand dunes with their bactrian camel caravan at sunrise. Gobi desert, Mongolia.

Nomadic people crossing huge sand dunes with their bactrian camel caravan at sunrise in Gobi desert, Mongolia.

3. Spend The Night In A Ger

While you’re exploring Mongolia, it’s only natural to then add another cultural layer to your journey by staying in a ger camp. Circular housing structures for guests, ger camps are a much more authentic experience than a hotel.

And from dusty regions like the Gobi Desert to rocky, mountainous terrain like Gorkhi Terelj National Park, they can be found throughout the country.

No matter where you’re traveling in Mongolia, staying in a ger camp will round out your trip with a touch of local culture.

Authentic Ger Yurt Stay: Immersive Mongolian Experience

Authentic Ger Yurt Stay: Immersive Mongolian Experience

4. Trek via Horse In National Parks

While camels are perfect for navigating desert terrain, you’ll find that horses are equally suited for traversing Mongolia’s many national parks!

Take off on a multi-day journey through Gorkhi Terelj National Park, where you can trot past the blue waters of Khagiin Khar Lake and snap photos of the interesting rock formations.

Or maybe you wanted to ride a horse over to the picturesque valley of Yolyn Am in Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park.

When you horse trek through Mongolia’s national parks, you’ll get to navigate steppes and other extreme terrain, spot unique wildlife, and converse with local folks or nomads along the way, all against the backdrop of Mongolia’s beautiful protected lands.


5. Capture Picture Perfect Scenery

No matter where your travels take you in this awesome country, the landscape itself is one major reason you need to visit Mongolia right now.

From the Gobi Desert’s Khongoryn Els sand dunes in the country’s eastern reaches to the Altai mountain range in the west, there’s a diverse array of terrain to take in while you’re here. 

Not to mention, the quaint and historic architecture of Ulaanbaatar and other cities makes for compelling cityscape views as well. Mongolia is really a country for every type of person!

Aerial view of man standing and looking at Gobi Desert at sunset | Mongolia

Aerial view of man standing and looking at Gobi desert at sunset | Mongolia

6. Enjoy A Leisurely Pace Of Life

If you’ve been feeling overworked and stressed out by a high pace schedule, this reason to visit Mongolia immediately should really speak to you.

Traveling itself is great for unwinding, but journeying to Mongolia takes this a step further. The Mongolian people are more laid back than other cultures, and this translates into their way of life and the experience you’ll have while visiting. Take your time and enjoy your trip here - the country simply demands it!

7. Meet Friendly Locals

From city folk to nomadic herders, Mongolia’s people are friendly and kind towards travelers. In intimate settings, like visiting the Tsaatan Reindeer Herders, it can be awkward or difficult for foreign visitors to settle into a new culture.

But the local folks here tend to be welcoming and accommodating. And when treated with kindness while on the road, be sure to always return the favor and be respectful of the place and people you’re visiting!

 Reindeers herders family at Taiga, Mongolia

Reindeers herders family at Taiga, Mongolia

8. Explore Ancient History

Not only is Mongolia a great place for experiencing new adventures and kicking back to relax, but it’s also a hub of ancient history.

From the Tsagaan Salaa Petroglyphs in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park to the dinosaur museum in Ulaanbaatar, which houses many prehistoric fossils, you can explore human history and beyond.

Or, you can head over to the Genghis Khan Statue Complex and learn something about one of the most accomplished military leaders and state heads in the world.

There aren’t many places with such an impressive repertoire of ancient artifacts to display, and Mongolia’s are sure to impress, whether you happen to be a history buff or not!

Giant Genghis Statue at Tsonjin boldog

Giant Genghis Statue at Tsonjin boldog

9. Take A Spiritual Journey

The country’s many temples and monasteries are certain to give you reason to visit Mongolia right now. You can explore the history and practice of Buddhism in many houses of worship, like the Choijin Lama Temple in Ulaanbaatar.

The structures are gorgeous, and taking the time to get to know another country’s religious practices and spiritual ties will help you have a more fulfilling journey as you become more acquainted with the local people and culture.

If these ideas don’t entice you to immediately book a flight to Mongolia, you must not have read them properly. There are countless reasons you need to visit Mongolia right now, so go ahead and do it! Mongolia is waiting for you. 

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