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4 Reasons Why Mongolia Would Be Perfect Place For Photo Shooting

Posted by Selena Travel / 06 15, 2024

People travel for various reasons. To get some rest, to see that one famous castle with the most memorable architecture style, to feel their youth or to congratulate themselves after long years of work. But one thing that all brings them together- photographs. Whether it is the “finding yourself” trip for yourself or a fun get together with friends, there is not a single person who doesn’t snap a picture or two when they are in that signature building or in front of that famous graffiti.

Especially in the social media crazy generation like today, high quality pictures with good background are a must. Whether you’re doing a film shoot, boho-style short film or even just trying to step up your Instagram game- Mongolia is the perfect destination. It might seem too over board to travel to one place just for the picture, but you know what they say. Do it for the gram, right?


     The perfect lighting

Even the most amateur photographer knows that the first step to a good picture is finding the perfect lighting. And that’s the very first reason why Mongolia would be a perfect place for your shoots. First of all, Mongolia is called the land of the blue sky- meaning that we have a lot of sunny days in a year. And by a lot, I mean a lot- 250 days out of 365.

Winters are beautiful in Mongolia with brightly shining sun and endless steppe covered with snow, but with temperate reaching -30C during the day, Mongolian winters are only for those brave-hearted ones. Summers on the other hand are amazingly suitable for photo shoots, especially the sunrise, sunset and starry nights in steppe and Gobi Desert are every photographers’ heaven.


     Clash of the times

Mongolia is experiencing rapid change in our culture as we’re developing real fast. Through the generations under the influence of Buddhism, socialism and now- westerners’ you can see quite unusual scenes here in Mongolia. Especially the soviet mosaics in the city center and temples right next to the skyscrapers are my absolute favorites and you can distinctly see the timeline of a country’s development and can create quite interesting contents out of it.

My absolute favorite is the Choijin Lama Temple Museum- not only because it’s an astonishing museum that is so calm that it almost feels like the time doesn’t exist in its yard, but because of the location of it. It’s located right in the city center next to the signature office of Ulaanbaatar that creates beautiful architectural sight.



      No distractions

By distractions, I mean those annoying photo bombers who always get in your background or stares at you while you’re trying to get the perfect shot until you get awkward until you just give up and decide to go with the ones you have. Mongolia has one of the largest land area per person ratio in the world. That’s around 3 million people living in the 1500000 square kilometer land.

Even though it means that you might need to pack the essentials on the excursion in the land, it also means that it can save you tons of time and energy to ask people to stay out of the scene. Also, the size and state of the countryside makes it the perfect scene for the drones since there would be no distractions in its way such as buildings blocking its way.



      Off-the-beaten destination

Even though my love for Mongolia is huge, I understand that Mongolia is not the most popular travel destination. Maybe it’s the weather or the myth that Mongolia is just a vast land of nomads who does nothing but ride their horses all day, but the number of tourists that come to our country is relatively low even though it’s constantly increasing. This disappointment for us can act as an advantage for you since it means that the content, you’re going to create will have a unique and unusual air than others.

No offense for my fellow developed countries, but how many people tourists have a shot riding a horse in the vast land that has nothing else to distract them or an alone swimming shot in the clearest lake in the world compared to a lone tourist standing awkwardly in front of a Liberty Statue with thousands of people posing the exact same way as them in the background?

Obviously, there are more beautiful landscapes in the world to see and architectural remains, but I’m sure that there is not one place that has carried on their ancestor’s culture as well as Mongolia along with walking side by side with the technological development. We live in a country where people still live in a yurt that was carried along for maybe as long as few hundred years, but with a Wi-Fi connection with 5GB speed. That’s why you should definitely consider Mongolia for your next shoot since it might be the only place where your equipment’s battery would not die even if you’re right in the middle of the desert with endangered gobi camels alongside with you. Join one of our awesome photography tours now!

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