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Every Nomads has his day

Nomads' Day festival of Mongolia which has being organized by Selena Travel since 2006 has won the Best for conservation of cultural heritage | Winner in 2009 by Responsibel Tourism Award 2009. And r:travel magazine has featured the article about Nomads' day its' one of  issue of 2009. And we're delivering the article as magazine copy in PDF. 

In the part of begining the article, it says: 

A cultural revival is proving a big hit with visitors and locals alike

For two days each September the steppes of Mongolia are alive with the sound of nomads, in what's become an extraordinary revival of Mongolian nomad culture. The Nomads Day Festival, organized by in-bound Mongolian tour operator, Selena Travel, brings local nomadic groups to the beaturiful Gun - Galuut nature reserve in Bayandelger soum (county). In just fives years, it has grown from a small local tourist event to widly celebrated cultural festival. 

The two day festival begins with rival families competing to put up and take down a ger (the Mongolian Tent dwelling made from canvas, felt the wooden poles), and over two days kids and adults play games, guys on horseback try to pick things off the ground at a gallop and women make rope. Click here for more on magazine copy.

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