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Why travel to Mongolia? Many people visualise Mongolia as an arid land of emptiness from where the blood-thirsty warlord Genghis Khan arose to power in the 13th century. In fact, Mongolia is much more than just a vast land and a past history – Mongolia is a great destination for travelling in wilderness, enjoying tranquillity, exploring wondrous culture and feeling the nomadic spirit. A peaceful land of Buddhist people and the first democratic country in Central Asia – Mongolia is an emerging travel destination where the traditional culture and modernisation blend perfectly. 

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And here is a few reasons why a traveller must visit Mongolia:
We at Selena Travel are offering exceptional discovery journeys in Mongolia covering the cultural and natural highlights, with great activities, based on our extensive experience. Our excellent Mongolia tours with a touch of Mongolian hospitality are designed to exceed your expectations and make your Mongolia travel dream come true. Should you feel like to devote your vacation time fully to your loved ones or friends we will easily tailor-make a special Mongolia journey according to your special wishes and needs that you can start any day you wish. 

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