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  • UNESCO world heritage site ancient capital at Karakorum, legendary Erdene Zuu monastery and Karakorum Museum, Hustai national park featuring wild Przewalski horse
  • Authentic culture experience: by visiting real nomads and interacting with them
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This fantastic trip will take you to the historic sites from the Great Mongolian Empire (13-15th century AD) in the heart of the world. It will be our pleasure to introduce these sites to you from their historical and cultural perspective and share our glorious histories with you. You will visit the first center of Tibetan Buddhism in Mongolia - the Erdene Zuu monastery and the ruins of the capital city from the ancient empire and will also enjoy the beautiful marble monuments from the Turkic state 5-7 Century AD and its stories. On the way back to Ulaanbaatar we will stop at beautiful Hustai National Park to see the only living wild horse in the world- the Takhi aka Przewalski horse. 

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