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Naadam Festival- Mongolian Archery Naadam Festival- Mongolian Archery
Mongolia Naadam Festival | Horse Race Mongolia Naadam Festival | Horse Race
Erdene zuu Monastery at Karakorum Erdene zuu Monastery at Karakorum
Bogd Khan Palace Museum Mongolia Bogd Khan Palace Museum Mongolia

Mongolia Naadam festival tour 2023 #2


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  • National Naadam festival opening ceremony
  • Mongolian archery, wrestling and horse races!
  • View the last remaining wild horses, Takhi
  • Visit Bayangobi Sand dunes & 2 humped Bactrian camel
  • Visit the ancient capital Karakorum and Erdene Zuu monastery,
  • Small international group, visiting nomadic families and interacting with them
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The Naadam Festival consists of Mongolian wrestling, archery and horse racing, and is best of the Mongolian festivals. This fantastic Naadam Festival 2023 tour takes you to Mongolian Great Naadam and Mongolian natural and cultural highlights. When you take part in the Naadam you will experience the thrill of watching hundreds of racing horses with their remarkable young riders, strong wrestlers performing the "Eagle Dance" and traditionally dressed archers as well as the magnificent Naadam Grand Opening Ceremony in the Central Stadium.  The Naadam festival tour has 2 departures and these Mongolia tours also include highlights of Central Mongolia such as Karakorum - the ancient capital of Mongolian Empire and Erdene Zuu - the first and most beautiful Buddhist monastery, Elsen Tasarkhai small sand dunes and Hustai national park which is known as home for wild Przewalski horse Takhi.

Tour map

Brief itinerary

  • Day 1: Jul 09. Arrival In Ulaanbaatar
  • Day 2: Jul 10. Giant Chinggis monument and Deeltei Mongol parade
  • Day 3: Jul 11. Naadam festival: Opening ceremony, wrestling, archery
  • Day 4: Jul 12. Naadam festival: horse races, Ulaanbaatar – Elsen Tasarkhai
  • Day 5: Jul 13. Karakorum
  • Day 6: Jul 14. Khustai National Park
  • Day 7: Jul 15. Ulaanbaatar city
  • Day 7: Jul 16. Departure from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
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