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Ulaanbaatar winter festival 2015

Posted by Selena travel , on January 23, 2015

Ulaanbaatar winter festival 2015
The Mongols are privileged to enjoy four seasons in the heart of Asia, and Mongolian winter is famous for being cold & harsh. However, it does not mean that you just stay at home & do nothing during winter in Ulaanbaatar. Tourism Department of Ulaanbaatar city is organising “UB Winter Festival” for the first time, with a vision of making the festival one of the biggest winter events in Asia. And we all know that this winter’s been so blessing mild! Yeepee!
Here’s what they told us:
Every city in the world has their advantages and some of them show it by organizing tourism events to promotion & further attract visitors. Some cities like Sapporo in Japan, and Harbin in China are well-known for their winter festivals and this time around Ulaanbaatar is organizing its first ever winter festival!  From ancient times, the Mongols made it a tradition to play ice ankle bone shooting game as a symbol for good fortune on the 3rd day of the Lunar new year – one of many traditions which have almost been forgotten. 
Through Ulaanbaatar’s first ever winter festival, we intend to restore and renew our traditions and develop new ones such as dog sledding and winter cycling to attract more tourists during the winter season. For more details, please click here.


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