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China Travel Medical Info

China medical info, chinese herbal medicineHere are some advises and for China Travel medical info. Please be noted that all visitors entering China are required to complete a health declaration card that is distributed by the cabin crew during the flight to China. Officially, China does not issue entry visas to HIV carriers. 

In some areas of China, medicines and sanitary items are not readily available. Traveling with medicine on China tours is really essential. In order to stay health, before leaving on China tours, you should:
  1. Talk to the doctor and discuss the medication you need to bring.
  2. Carry a letter from the doctor indicating what the medicine is, how much you will be taking, and stating that it is for your own personal use.
  3. Ask for a duplicate supply of all essential prescription medicines and carry these in your carry-on bag.
  4. Leave the medicine in its original packaging with clear label with your name and dosage instructions.
  5. Get a letter from the doctor and explain why you need to carry such quantities if you intend to travel with large quantities of medicine.
  6. Pack needles and syringes that are sealed and sterile if you have to inject your medication with your own preferable ones. 
Vaccinations/inoculations are not required for travel to China except for travelers arriving from or via an infected area. Travelers arriving from or via an infected area must hold a valid certificate of vaccination/inoculation. As health requirements change without notice, please check with your local public health department for current required or recommended vaccinations/inoculations. If you plan to try the food sold by street vendors, we suggest that you consult your doctor about recommended inoculations. 

The restaurants selected by Regent for its tour members maintain high standards of food preparation and the quality of the food served should not cause any concern. 

 Chinese people do not have Rh-negative blood, and therefore their blood banks do not store it. Also, type O blood is rare. Thus, persons with these blood types should consult their physician for advice before departing for China. 

You may bring your prescription drugs to China. Pack them in your carry-on luggage. Be sure that the medication is clearly marked with a pharmacy label and doctor's instructions. Try to anticipate what you will need and bring an adequate supply for your entire tour. Since brand names in China are different from those used in North America, ask your doctor or pharmacist for the generic name for your prescription drug in case you need a refill while in China. 

Medical Care: 
All hotels on China business travel itineraries maintain a medical clinic staffed by a doctor during the day. There is a nominal charge for the doctor's services. 
The most common maladies afflicting travelers in China are respiratory problems such as head colds, bronchial conditions, and sore throats. Diarrhea and constipation are also common. If you are prone to any of these problems, you should bring appropriate medications with you. However, if you forget to bring them with you, our Regent guides will be glad to provide you with Chinese herbal medicines for these common problems at no charge to tour group members. 

Even though most Western medicines are available in China, we strongly suggest that you bring common nonprescription medicine with you--e.g., aspirin, cold relief products, anti-diarrheals, laxatives, etc. 
If you have insurance coverage for medical expenses and require medicines or medical attention while abroad, keep all receipts since most insurance carriers honor claims for such expenses. 

Emergencies: Should you become ill and require hospitalization, medical attention is available for emergencies throughout China. Major hospitals have special wards reserved exclusively for foreigners. Both Western and Chinese medicines are available. Chinese physicians are well trained--many Chinese physicians attended foreign medical schools and earned their internships at foreign medical facilities--and their diagnostic techniques are sophisticated, time-honored, and judicious. 

Dental Care: 
Get a dental check-up prior to your trip. No one wants to endure a toothache while on vacation (especially on an airplane where cabin pressure can cause severe pain). Take precautions by bringing dental necessities. 

Wheelchair Availability: 
Chinabusinesstravel can arrange for wheelchairs at most of the hotels on tour itineraries without charge. If you do require the use of a wheelchair, please advise your China tour specialist of this need in advance of booking your tour.

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