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Travel Responsible in Mongolia

Mongolia is a land of nomadic people whose lives have not changed much from the days of mighty Mongol Empire in many ways. A half of the nation roam freely in the vast countryside of Mongolia with their five kinds of livestock: horses, camels, cows, sheep and goats.Selena Travel Mongolia work closely with nomads everywhere they operate and we believe that tourism should benefit the communities in the regions that our tours visit - and we must reduce the negative impacts of tourism should there be any - not to repeat bad practices in some countries in the world.

Our community based tours are designed to allow Selena Travellers to explore Mongolia and its' culture in depth while benefiting the local nomads without sacrificing the tour features and comfort. We purchase services and facilities from local nomads and involve them in responsible tourism - support their livelihoods which is dependent on the traditional pastoral nomadism.

Moreover, headed by a PhD in Biology, we are actively engaged in nature and culture conservation activities in Mongolia, hence, offer the best of nature expeditions in Mongolia including excellent bird watching tours, wildlife safaris and many other eco holidays.

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